How does the 1 to 10 appearance rating system work?

Yes, I know it's not clever to rate humans like this. Maybe not useful. Harmful? I don't know... =/

We are all more valuable than our looks. Even outer beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. Yada, yada, yada..

Now tell me guys, when you rate girls on the scale of one to 10, can you tell me how low can you personally find the girl physically attractive to date long term or marry?

Where are majority of the girls on this scale?

Is a 4 for example butt ugly, or pretty average?

Is a 10 pretty, or "goddess like", or something else?

What does a one look like? What does a 6 look like?

Is there an average, general consensus among guys regarding the answers to the questions above?


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  • Most girls are a 5. I would date someone who I'd consider a 6 (and above). 5 means average but I'm not necessarily attracted to the average girl. 6 means that the girl put a little effort in at least, which is all I ask. A 10 would be someone who looked pretty much flawless without much makeup or anything really. Can't really think of a girl like this off the top of my head. A one is someone who likely has some sort of physical deformity. Among guys there is a fairly general consensus where if one says "this girl I met is was an 8", others would translate that as "oh so she must be pretty hot". You'll find more consensus from 6 and downwards. The higher you go, the more people want to debate the #

    Anyways, this stuff shouldn't be taken seriously. It's just a fun little game we sometimes play amongst each other


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  • On dating sites I've observed 1-10 is weighted differently for men and women. Men tend to be a little more generous with their scores then women. 5-6 being the average rating for a normal looking girl while 4-5 being the average rating for a normal looking guy. Also I believe I've noticed that more women receive 7-9s then men.

    That's just a random observation. Take it or leave it.


    - I don't give 1-3's because I think that's morally demeaning. Unless of course you're an ass then idk

    - A rating of 4 for me includes anyone who I think is ugly. Doesn't matter how ugly you are, if I think it, you're a 4.

    - A rating of 5 basically says you've barely made the requirements for club average.

    - A rating of 6 indicates you're average and someone I might look at in passing.

    - A rating of 7 means you're a good looking girl and I'd consider dating.

    - A rating of 8 means you're a good looking girl who cleans up nice and I would date.

    - A rating of 9 means you're a good looking girl even first thing in the morning

    - A rating of 10 is never given for selfish reasons. I symbolize 10 as a perfect women and a perfect women is out of my league. They don't exist or so I tell myself.

    The majority of women I rate are 5-6.

    I say I wouldn't marry anyone below an 8 but you never know... I've had it bad for someone who wasn't airbrushed once before... it could happen again... maybe... probably not... okay you caught me... I'll take an eight or no sale. My souls got to be worth at least that.

  • Each person rates differently. Personally, my scale is kind of squished near the top, the difference between a 6 and an 8 is relatively small, though the rest of the scale is spread out a bit more.

    If you want to see something interesting, this is some composite photography from the picture rating site Hot or Not that shows just what each number looks like on average: link

    • Sorry, I meant to say that the difference between 6 and 9 is relatively small for me.

    • Some more details:

      -I rarely give a perfect 10 rating.

      -5 is average attractiveness for me.

      -I find that I tend to rate girls who have an average rating between 5-9 higher than the average rating, whereas I usually rate right at the average rating for girls below 5.

      -I personally generally find myself attracted girls that I'd rate at 5.5 or above.

  • The bottom 3 would be described as lacking any features that incite (to the point of repelling) the desire to reproduce.

    The middle 3 can be described as having minimal features that incite the desire to reproduce. They are not repelling, but not preferred.

    The upper 3 can be described as having an abundance of features that incite the desire to reproduce and is preferred.

    Number 10 is very attractive on all scales. I say this because everyone has a different scale which is why I generally don't like them.

  • I can't really describe HOW, but this hear is a pretty accurate example: link

  • Obviously how a girl dress can change how they would be on the scale but for me:

    1-2: Really Ugly

    3: Ugly

    4:Below Average


    6:Above Average


    8: Very Attractive

    9-10: Super Attractive

  • It's human nature to rank people based on their attractiveness. Shallow maybe, but hey--we don't want to make babies with people because they have great personalities.

    Problem with the system is, so many American guys and gals have gotten fat in the last decade or two. Sorry, but fat is not hot. Muscles, being in shape, being slim, is hot. So, the average is warped because so many people have blown up like cows.

    Realistically, 5 should be average. But to most guys, a 5 girl is quite unattractive. Is that because there are so many obese girls that a fat girl can be a 5 quite easily..? Like, if half of all guys stopped going to the gym and only had jobs that made $10 an hour. Then, a guy who formerly was just alright because he was in shape, and had a 40k a year job, would suddenly become a catch.

    A 10, would be a girl that realistically could not get hotter. A 28 year old Angelina Jolie, Gina Carano (such as when she posed for Maxim), the Lara Croft from the 2013 Tomb Raider game, Jill Valentine from Resident Evil. All examples of 10's.

    Generally agreed upon, a girl that is attractive, and is "cute" or "pretty" or "beautiful" would be ranked as a 7 or higher. 6 and below would be plain, homely, unattractive...

  • 1=fugly



    4=would bang her if pretty drunk

    5=kinda doable

    6=almost pretty

    7=pretty and pretty nice


    9=eat that shiznit all night long

    10=would drink her bath water or bang her after she banged a homeless dude

  • This "scale" is subjective to each person, so you can't really say for sure what each number means anyway. And even with the same person, their "rating" of someone might be judged differently in different circumstances.

    So basically, this rating scale is useless for anything more than just checking someone out lol

    • I don't understand. Can't you check someone out without rating them in your head?

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    • Now you're getting it!

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  • rectangular angles - 10

    glasses - bonus point

    skinny or fit without rectangular angles: 7 or 8

    stereotypical ethnic facial features - Bonus point

    stereotypical Caucasian facial features - deduct 2 points

    looks educated by dress, poise, posture, appearance - bonus 2 points

    looks uneducated - deduct a point

    aggressive facial features - bonus point

    passive facial features - deduct a point

    looks strong and tough - add a point

    looks weak and fragile - deduct a point

    looks prudent and conscientious - bonus 2 points

    looks careless, lazy and or indifferent - deduct 2 points

    fat - deduct 2 points

    tall - add one point if over 6"2

    short - deduct a point if under 5'5

  • today I learned that a 7 is considered attractive, according to the guys answers. I've always been rated a 7 and I thought that meant I was average. welp, there's the confidence boost I needed.

    but anyways 1-6 is ugly to average, 7 is a little above average, 8-10 is attractive.

  • 10 he/she looks like a model, one looks like he's from the hills have eyes.