Why did he look at my forehead instead of my eyes?

I saw my crush and I said hi to him. I referenced a comment he made a while back and I could tell he really liked it because he smiled really big but he didn't look at me. When I was trying to talk to him he was smiling a little but not looking at me, but he seemed engaged and not bored or anything like that.

He asked me a question and kind of stared down at his hands and when he looked up he was smiling at me but looking at my forehead.

Is that a common thing for guys to do if they're feeling shy or something like that?


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  • I used to have a huge problem with eye contact. he is probably a bit shy. the more you talk the more he should get used to you. be gentle. Girls are monsters towards shy guys.

  • Yeah, definitely shy. They'll do anything to avoid looking at your eyes.


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