Why was he staring at me?

Ok, Thursday I went with my mother to pick up my brother from football practice like usual. When the boys were walking through the parking lot to the weight room or whatever they call it this guy from my grade started staring directly at me, but when I looked eyes with him I immediately turned my head away and made a face since it kind of creeped me out the way he was staring at me, it was with such intensity. My mom pointed it out a few minutes later. When, he walked back out of the building after changing out of his gear he kept looking towards our car.

His friends and him ended up sitting where I do in the library during lunch yesterday and I laughed at a few things that his friends said since I thought they were funny. But, I didn't say anything since I don't talk that much in conversations even with my own friends. I kept my head mostly turned to the side pretending to concentrate on my book with my legs up in the car pulled to my chest like I usually do. But, I would look towards someone when they were speaking, but I was determined not to look at him because I don't like the electric feeling it gives me. So, I don't know if he looked at me or not.

We have never really spoken to each other and he has a girlfriend. Why was he staring at me? Does he hate me or something?
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Why was he staring at me?
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