Why does he stare but not talk to me?

So I like this guy, and I think he likes me too, but I'm really not sure! I don't know if he knows that I like him or not, but he always stares at me!

It's funny because I have never talked to him! I'm pretty sure he's staring at me

Because we always make eye contact and hold it for more than 2 secs and I get a little uncomfortable and look away. Sometimes, he'll smile or he'll look at me with this look it's really hard to explain.

When he's with his friends, and I come in the room, they'll all stop talking and look at me. When I walk by him, he'll turn his whole body around so he can still see me. He even stares at me when I'm coming down the stairs. From the way he looks at me though, it looks likes he's interested.

He had a class with my sister and he asked her if I had a boyfriend. When my friend asked him why he asked, he said he just wanted to know. In class, I sat beside him and he'll flirt/tease me, like there was a time where he punched me. He also had his locker beside mine, and I noticed that he'd open it, look in it, then close it.

Sometimes I feel likes he's trying to eavesdrop on one of my conversations. His best friend knew me by name and I never even knew who he was! Sometimes I feel like they're (him and his friends) are joking about me=[. I also worked with him, and on the first day he was trying to tease me like when this girl asked me to get the trolley, he said "Why don't you make her pick it up and bring it here", and he smiled at me. Also, we had to go in the freezer to get something and we were both alone, and he said hold on a second, and the girl came back and said that he said I was "uncomfortable". He also used to say to her, "What did your dad say about your hickey. " and he'd make it sound like they had sex (they totally didn't). We were always scheduled to work just the two of us and he'd never say anything to me.

He'd only help me if I needed it, but we never talked! I didn't talk to him only because I got the feeling that he didn't want to talk to me. There were so many chances, what a shame! One of these guys I hooked up with showed up at my work and asked me why I never called him & shit, and the whole time I was talking to him, he was staring at us and listening! Then he went to go talk to him after. He always stares at me when I talk to other guys.

I told this guy that I worked with that he always stares at me, and behind my back he went to go ask him if he thought I was hot, and he laughed, and he said "no seriously, do you? ", and he still laughed, and walked off! This made me a little upset. One time at school, when I was walking to my school, him and his friends were sitting on the benches, and one of his friends said to him "Look who it is", and pointed at me, they both looked at me. I got the feeling that I was just a joke to them and stopped looking at him. Can someone please explain to me his behavior. Is he interested? Why does he stare at me so much?
Why does he stare but not talk to me?
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