Girls, visible bra straps should you be told?


My sister of mine has always had bra strap issues, and she used to always wear sleeveless tops so it showed when they fell down but she always pulls up her straps if they fall on sleeveless tops immediatly so were never showing for more than a second or two. Now she started wearing short sleeved tops and a few times already she has had her bra strap showing outside the bottom of the sleeve and sometimes its like that for hours, I think she doesn't notice, should I somehow discreetly tell her like eg. pointing to her arm, sending a sms or something? I say discreet as usually others are around so I can't just say it out to her. This is out of character for her bra strap to be down, and I tried to give her a hint to say sleeveless suits her better but she said she is getting sick of her bra straps showing so is changing her style, so I think she hasn't noticed.
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Thanks for answers, will take what's been said and won't say anything to her.

To pr3tybr0wn no I am not focused on any part of her including bra straps, but bra straps are easy to see and eye catching, even if you think they not. That's why I noticed as I am sure everyone notices. no big deal to me, my concern was if my sister was not realising they were showing, as with different styles aka sleeveless she never leaves them down ever.

Girls, visible bra straps should you be told?
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