Is parted hair really a no no?

I have been sporting a parted haircut for about a year and a half because out of everything else I try nothing looks as good. It's just a casual part, no gel or spray. It kind of falls to the side like this. (it was windy before I took the picture so it got a little messed up. The thing my bangs do is a little less dramatic, but they do do that.) From what I've heard having parted hair makes you look like a square, or geek, and a few told me like a weirdo. Is this true? My problem is that everything I wear reflects a part of my personality. If you talked to me you would realize that I am a huge nerd, so the part kind of matches, but I also am very relaxed (If you know me well) so I wear a hoodie and jeans. The hoodie also reflects my interest in rock (punk and metal, mainly). Everything else I tried reflects a different personality. I feel this is important because when I first see someone, and what they wear, it gives me an initial impression of their personality. So I try to reflect that in the way I dress. Also I've been told hair can make or break how attractive you are. The problem with that is I have a pretty round face. The part makes my jaw look wider. Do you have any suggestions about what hair I should wear? Here some more pictures.
Is parted hair really a no no?
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