The day I had finally restored my faith in men!

Song for him
Song for him

Just over a year ago I had just started my first job and was a month away from turning 18. I recently stopped partying, boys and getting myself into so much damn trouble and decided it was best. I cut off everyone who drug my down and stayed focused on a paycheck. I had lost complete faith in myself and boys/men.

Well, not more than two weeks in my old friend we can call Jim came in and with his was a stranger. I said my hello's and chatted a but with Jim but didn't think anything of his friend cause I was too shy to speak to the strange man. They ordered their food and when it was ready I brought it right out to them and almost to the table the stranger gets up and kindly says "let me get that for you" and proceeds to take it and sit down. I continue to chat with Jim for a couple more seconds before JIm ask for a drink in which I say it's on me and go to get one for each of them. The stranger follows me up to the counter and grabs the cups so I don't have to keep going back and forth. I then noticed the traces of red and black ink up his arm. "I really like your tattoos" I say ever so scarce. He replies with a thank you and goes to sit back down, meanwhile I'm getting back to work expecting to never see that man again.

A few days or maybe a week, go by and doing a usual Facebook look through I comment on a post I don't much remember now and I recieved a friend request. From who? The stranger. We'll now call him Kevin. So I send a couple messages back and forth with Kevin and it's nice. We don't seem to have they awkwardness as usual. It's refreshing. He is definetly smooth, a real ladies man. We really hit things off and got into some very deep talk about life and experiences. He said I definetly remind him of himself as a teen and that's when I stepped back and took a breath. How old is this guy? I did a little Facebook stalk and he's somewhere in his 20s. I've always been into older guys so it wasn't terrible. (Sidenote, by this time i had just turned 18)

Me and Kevin grew closer by the day it seemed and we had created a lot of sexual tension. There was not a real filter with each other, we both just understood, we clicked.

A year has passed I am now 19. He is going on 26. Kevin has been one of the best people in my life. We still haven't seen each other much and still haven't had sex but I would consider him my bestfriend. He shows me a different view on the world and gives me so much peace... Over time it has became known how I feel about him. He has definetly gave me his attention but I dont think he has really wanted me in a way other than sex. He has said before he doesn't want me to be too pushy and just let things be. I want to pursue this man but I'm afraid I might push him away. His last relationship was 6 years. They had a kid and she left with their child. He hasn't been the same since and i dont know if he's just cautious or if I'm just not his type. All the women he's been with have been beautiful skinny women and i am definetly on the thicker side and more average. Kevin is literally a man from my dreams, from appearance and soul. he's very respectful too. He calls me ma'am, miss, dear, love. I call him by all the same names. I dont know if older men are just more respectful or if he is generally a gentleman. He had put my faith back in men. I'm just hoping he might feel the same way about me some day. I know it was something simple that introduced us but it was by far the highlight of my days.

If someone has advice to me I would gladly take that. Apologies for such a long post...

The day I had finally restored my faith in men!
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  • Anonymous
    I think he's really into you and wants to be cautious to know that you're ready and okay because you are younger than him, so yeah... Good for you!
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  • Anonymous
    This is cute. Not a question but I still dig it. There are guys out there like Kevin, by he’s just like all the other guy, only older.
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    • Anonymous

      Questionable. I've met maybe 2 guys like him. But I'm from a small town so maybe that's why

    • Anonymous

      Well I don’t want to ruin him for you, but he doesn’t sound innocent to me. Just older.

      He sounds like the kind of guy who partied hard when younger and got a wake up call.

    • Anonymous

      Oh he did and has told me much about it, but he says I remind him so much of his younger self and maybe it's just cause I like him that I take that as a compliment but maybe its generally a good thing. But he's had so much lost in his life, and I've had some but not as much so I get where he'd be not so for good things. At the same time i met a guy after him and things hit there too, and "Kevin" pushed me to go for it. So i don't know if he wants me to seriously go for it and stop spending time on him or if he is just setting up for another loss.

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  • Jean-Marie_Céline
    No offense but I think you did wrong iin "restoring faith".
    • Anonymous

      You're correct but I can't delete it now lol

  • AngelaAng
    "He has said before he doesn't want me to be too pushy and just let things be. I want to pursue this man but I'm afraid I might push him away. "

    He told you. Pay attention to what he says.
    • Anonymous

      As I've already said , I can't delete it. I see all the spots I went wrong. The guy is MIA anyways.

  • teamvic
    Soo... what's the question you need answered?

    How do you get with him or find out if he likes you back?
    • Anonymous

      I dont know if the guys likes me back honestly.