What Happened to Men being Men?

What Happened to Men being Men?

What Happened to Men being Men?

Feminist and Delicate Men

You will not like this just fair warning.

Might not, will not, match your belief system.

I'm sorry if anybody's sensitive and gets easily offended.

When did You Forget?

What the heck happened to men being strong, having pride in themselves, and remembering they are freaking men? Men today have NO pride in being a man. Having NO pride in being a man they then try to treat women the same or as "equals". Not the fact fellas,,, xx=female xy=male

What Happened to Men being Men?

This is one reason men don't protect women like they use to. Some men now group themselves as the same gender class as a woman (partly thanks to feminist and transformers). It use to not be okay for a man to hit a woman. Now you guys seem to not mind seeing domestic violence any place or time.

What Happened to Men being Men?

Some situations are just not for men.

Some feminine traits are just not for men.

Some skill sets are just not for men.

Some emotions not really for men.

Paying for Dates

What Happened to Men being Men?

So as a Man you should always expect to pay for dates "sorry life's hard". You want her to be able to relax and enjoy her time with you don't you? And that will be difficult if a girl is worried about the money she’s spending she did not plan on. Silly her probably thought she was going on a date with a man not to hangout with a boy. If you have a woman split the tab with you she may no longer see this as a “date”.

What Happened to Men being Men?

She may instead get the message that the two of you are nothing more than friends. If you want to avoid her seeing you in that light then paying for the date will go a long way.

What if she offers to chip in? Say No...

Standing Up to Another Man over a Woman

What Happened to Men being Men?

I take MMA if any girl was going to kick a guys ass it would be me. Now back down to Earth where we are not all "equals" men are stronger and even with a female having formal training like me a man will still beat a woman 80% of the time in a fist fight period. Women need men to stand up for them in some situations when the circumstances are called for. When the threat is literally past the women's ability to handle it equally. Then yes, a man should step in.

What Happened to Men being Men?

That again goes back to being proud you are a man and have the ability to stand up for a woman because you are biologically stronger and larger. Men today are scientifically proven to have less sex drive. That just makes me really sad for women's sex lives. Unless you are on steroids, most men’s testosterone levels are usually below average now. As you might guess, low T-levels are responsible for a decreasing libido in today’s males and unsatisfied women around the world.

Wtf is that thing?

What Happened to Men being Men?

Oh, it's a modern day male, I think??????

Modern Day Men Would Die in Nature

What Happened to Men being Men?

If a modern day man were forced to live out in nature due to their city being destroyed by a natural catastrophe or similar, many of them would simply perish within days. Most of them would have absolutely no clue on how to provide for food, shelter and safety. I even have knowledge of hunting, fishing, and trapping. This is ridiculous guys, do you even work on cars anymore? Do you still drive trucks or sports cars even I hope?

What Happened to Men being Men?

The Modern Man's Future

What are the chances that modern men can leave their wimp status behind and start living like real men in the near future again? In my opinion, this is very unlikely to occur given that technology is bound to make our lives even more convenient thus making men even more lazy, fat, and weak. Movies like The NoteBook and 50 Shades of Grey with promotions of men's feelings and emotions everywhere won't help a bit either. Men running around crying wearing pink talking about their place in society. Trying to make me pay for dates good luck guys. Maybe you will luck out and women will have zero standards for masculinity in today's modern male.

What Happened to Men being Men?



Most Helpful Girls

  • Awesome post. I act like a woman and expect men to act like men.
    I expect equality in a workplace or education but only when it comes to actual accomplishments. Nobody should be given special priviledges because they're of a certain gender.
    "We need more women in science". No, we don't! We need smart people in science.
    I won't waste my time on men who treat me like I'm one of the guys. I won't drink a beer out of a bottle because ladies don't do that. I won't curse, get loud, or lose my temper.
    Sadly, I believe men allowed feminists to kill the ideal of a real man.
    On that note, I can't stand feminists. I support PEOPLE regardless of their gender.

  • They're all gay and want to be women sad to say. That's why I have chosen to be single. a lot of them are weak and pussys.. I dont have time for that crap.

    They are very sensitive as well. You can't say shit on gag without them referring to you as a gold digger or feminist. Like no dude I'm not a gold digger you're just broke. im not a feminist you're just a bitch. simple


Most Helpful Guys

  • 3 things!

    1. The lack of good father figures in our society.
    2. the school system and society at large, punishing men for trying to stand up for themselves
    3. Immature women pulling attitude with guys for trying to be chivalrous

    • I think your most helpful by far thank you

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    • Well it's preventing things. If people weren't so sensitive or have so many restrictions of what a person can say or do. Society would be so much happier and better off.

    • You forgot to mention guys selling their balls in exchange for sex... if a man isn't willing to go without sex to stick to his principles, then he is no man at all... THIS is actually the biggest problem, because it enables women to continue to be the pawns in this feminist agenda...

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  • I would classify this whole take as misandry. For all of those guys on GaG advocating men's rights: this is your chance.
    Seriously, you're reducing men to nothing but a woman's personal bodyguard and money provider? How is that okay? They're people and they deserve basic human respect and being seen as a goddamn person.

    I really think you're not very sane, after reading this.

    • You single?

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    • @Wowgirl30q

      Most people in Nazi Germany agreed that Jews are subhuman, and that Nazism is the way to go.
      Most people in the US at the times of slavery though that black people are dumb and don't deserve rights, and that they can be used for whatever they wanted.
      Most people used to think the earth is flat.

      Most people agreeing with you MEANS NOTHING.

    • You have mis read the situation, I fear. Just because a man has an obligation to be a woman's bodyguard at times DOES NOT IN ANY WAY MEAN that that is all they are. In logical debate, we call this a straw man. You have created something fake that that person never said, and you are arguing against that.

      For some reason, something in this article causes you to disagree with it vehemently, and you are using this excuse to get people on your side. I'm sure you won't admit it, but you know I see right through you.

  • Domestic violence isn’t much of a gender issue in my opinion. Women hit men all the time. Men hit women all the time.
    Can’t always afford to play captain save a hoe🤷🏾‍♀️

    Men shouldn’t have to provide or give protection if they don’t want to. Men shouldn’t have to pay for dates in order for someone else to have a good time. Women are not some precious, super-being. Our time isn’t THAT important.

    Women don’t need to be coddled stood up for. It really defeats the purpose of being a adult, taking responsibility, and looking out for oneself when life gets hard. So what if men are stronger. We cannot act like fucking children always looking for someone else to use as a shield.

    Women being unsatisfied in bed is just so trivial... why even mention that? Women will survive, so will men. Life continues. The earth is still round.

    We aren’t living in the wild “out in nature”. So I don’t get how that part is important either.

    Overall I pretty much disagree with most of your opinions on this subject, however, I always enjoy your post!!! This was very well written and you got your point across. I wasn’t bored at all. Keep it up☺️

    Love you wowgirl, you do Rock❤️

    • @Ellie-V
      You know I always respect your opinion I appreciate you. Thank you miss😀

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    • @MrNameless she's a awesome girl we disagree on a lot but are both big girls and appreciate the others opinion. End of the day it's really are you a good person or not..🙂 I'm definitely respect @ellie-v she's a good girl

  • “Some situations are just not for men. Some feminine traits are just not for men. Some skill sets are just not for men. Some emotions not really for men.”

    Excuse me, who are you to tell men how to feel and what they’re supposed to be doing? Are you out of your mind? Who are you to tell a human being what emotions he’s allowed to have and what skills he’s allowed to cultivate?

    Some behaviors that men traditionally exhibited are damaging and not good for our progress. Stop trying to push men back into a machista / macho attitude.

    Look, real men don’t hit women. True. But also real women don’t hit men. Equality is not about stooping low, it’s about empowerment. Both genders need to respect each other rather than one disrespecting the other just because women hitting men is seen as okay.

    Paying for dates. Most men do it, why are you complaining? But is it fair? No. It’s not fair if they always have to pay. Stop throwing BS and telling men that a woman will never see them as a potential boyfriend if they don’t pay. That’s ludicrous.

    Standing up for her. This is called respect, not necessarily chivalry. Women should stand up for her man when she is able to. Men are able to stand up for a woman more often due to their superior physical prowess. So yes, that is indeed a fair point but only because men are stronger normally, not because this is “a manly” attitude.

    “Modern men would die in nature.” So would modern women with the fake tan, makeup and high heels.

    Who are you kidding?

  • Oh so you only left the notions of being 'man' that YOU like and totally forgot that men also used to beat their wives. Not care about raising children because that's a woman's job. Get away with sexually harassing women because boys will be boys. Smoke, drink, curse, because that sure as hell is manly to put five lit up cancer sticks at a time in your mouth.

    Also, you go out and ask effeminate men, or drag performers, did feminists tell them to be the way they are or did they choose it on their own? Absolutely not!!

    Cultures change, and people need to get over it. Remember, people did not welcome the idea with flower garlands when girls going to school started being a thing. In those days, education was a man's thing, and husbands even kicked their wives out if they knew their wife can read. Women who wanted to speak up, and get education, were also heavily marginalized.

    But look where we have come! And it's because of... *gasp* FEMINISTS!!!

    Also, what the heck does feminism has to do with men's testosterone levels decreasing? Or do you think feminists have conspired the world to have unhealthy food choices and lifestyle? Are feminists also responsible for this hormone injections that's given to farm chickens that mimic estrogen in our bodies and increases risk of prostrate cancer, ovarian cancer and breast cancer?

    Men paid on dates before, because women in past did not have their own income and were not financially independent, and I see no reason to not pay for dates at all if I am capable of doing so.

    I could carry this on, but here is the thing. Cultures change, and change has never been welcomed very positively. I hope that gets through your head and you simply get over it. Manliness isn't manspreasing or drinking from a bottle or cursing or driving a sports car. Manliness is being courageous, charactered, kind, and believing in actions. It's a man that other men can look up to as role models, it's a man that other women can look up to, to find out what they should be looking for in their man.

    • You wrote to much lost me at YOU

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    • @CubsterShura
      You make wonderful points. It does seem like Wowgirl30q can not handle someone disageeing with her.

  • All you're doing is look at old traditional things that men may have done like 50 odd years ago and still expect it to apply today.

    Being a biological adult male human being makes you a man, so not falling under someone's standards of what they think a man should be, doesn't mean you aren't real.

    Men hitting women:

    You're telling men to take pride in being men, yet you're trying to take away their right to defend themselves from a woman or show her that he won't be treated like that.

    Pay for dates:

    Why can't you pay for yourself? You claim that men should be able to do X, Y & Z, yet women can just sit around and act as if they're entitled to something like free food, from someone. Try making the first move once in a while too, instead of creating dumb expectations on someone, because of their gender, especially if so many people nowadays are deciding not to have kids - you probably work and can pay yourself.

    Standing up for a woman:

    Shouldn't you stand up for anyone who needs it, regardless of gender? It work both ways too, especially if you think it's unacceptable for men to women, even in self defence, like should a woman step in and defend a guy who's getting hit by a woman, to make it fair, if the guy's much bigger and stronger.

    Wtf is that thing?

    So men with long hair is a bad thing now? It's not like women have short hair nowadays, right? Oh wait, buzzcuts.

    Surviving in natural:

    Like women would survive. You're probably more concerned about breaking a nail than you are eating. Humans evolve and technology is advancing too, so most of us don't like in tribes in the jungle, so who would survive. Veganism is on the rise too, so it's not even that necessary anymore either. Men are physically stronger and more powerful, according to you, which could give us an edge in hunting animals. Most aren't used to living in the jungle.

    Who are you to tell anyone how to be real, like do you even fall under what a real woman should be?

    You also seem to be talking about what men did back 50-60 years ago, so you may as well follow suit and stay home, do the housework and have kids, I mean it's traditional and fair.

    Seriously though, times have changed and if women can provide for themselves nowadays, why should they act as if men owe them something, especially when some feminists have clear double standards.

    Also, since you mentioned emotion, who are you to tell men how to feel? Are we not allowed to have feelings, lol, we're humans too and if anything, women are the ones that get all hurt, especially the feminazis on here, like the amount of times I've seen answers (including my own), get deleted, simply because the butthurt asker got offended or couldn't counter the point. Oh yeah, she'll personally insult you and then block you too.

    What happened to being a woman too.

    You're saying men are becoming more feminine, yet you're ignoring women becoming more masculine:

    Short spiky hairstyles, buzzcuts, working, being independent, when according to your MyTake, men are supposed to be the breadwinners.

    You don't even look like women anymore, yet you're complaining about men who are now taking care of themselves more.

    "Maybe you will luck out and women will have zero standards for masculinity in today's modern male."

    Yeah well, men have standards too and if you're setting dumb ass outdated standards and can't offer anything in return, then don't complain about men not wanting you, because there's clearly issues that affect them too, like mental health and if anything, putting stupid outdated standards on men doesn't help either.

    • If you mad at women then don’t deal with us! Cause there enough assholes in the world don’t want to produce more with you!

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    • I don't have a problem with people having preferences, but a lot of stuff just really seems kind of outdated, like there's nothing with having some skills that can come in hand, but expecting someone to do something, just because they're a man, seems wrong, especially if women don't return the favour. It just seems like a double standard, especially if women have more rights nowadays, than they did in the past.

    • I'm a out-dated kinda Girl
      I love vintage dresses even

  • What happened to men being men? Women. Women decided that they wanted to do everything men do, but not really, they just wanted the accolades and the acknowledgement from men that women where equal in all things, they didn't want the responsibility which they pushed off onto men or the consequences of that "equality" onto men.

    Men did care about domestic violence but lets look at the facts, 70% of domestic violence is commited by women against men. Women, decided to be violent towards men and claimed that it was "equality", but then pull the woman card if the man wants to retaliate. This had been tolerated through out most of history (it really shouldn't have) but women kept pushing it until now most men have no issue with seeing a bad woman get popped in the mouth because one, she wanted to jump into the ring with a man and its very satisfying seeing some one so absolutely conceited and narcissistic get knocked down about 10 pegs.

    Men are absolutely suppose to step up and defend women, here's the issue with that though, their are no women left. You want him to protect you, fair enough. What are you doing on your end? Before a woman was submissive, she was nurturing, she cooked she cleaned she took care of the kids, she had sex with her man when he wanted it and in exchange for that he busted his ass, he paid the bills, he provided for her and he protected her. Are you or any other women fulfilling your end of the deal? Absolutely not. You (women) brag about not knowing how to cook, brag about how "you don't need no man"(even as your entire existence is entirely reliant on them (you would literally die out if it where not for men, no exceptions). So you want to get paid but you don't want to work. So men opted out because why the hell is he going through all this work for nothing? That's like working 80 hours a week only to give your paycheck to some one else who talks down to you and dismisses you (when they aren't blaming you for all the problems in the world). Why the hell would any one get involved in that?

    As for modern men dying in nature, that would mean something if it where not for the fact that men would more then likely be happier in nature. We would actually adapt rather quickly (as we do) because at least in nature their would be purpose. Meanwhile women would die in cities without men because again, women are the most pampered and cared for group in the world hands down, you wouldn't survive a week (probably less) in the cities without men let alone in actual nature. Not a dig, just a statement of fact. The reason why men don't care is because women have actively forced them out of every single aspect of society while telling them how worthless and evil they are. Look at our educational system for instance, it discriminates against males ensuring that they cannot succeed ( male students get lower grades for the same answers as the female students. In fact in many cases the males do better yet get lower scores. This is before factoring in that the educational system is designed for female learning not male learning and that male behavior is quickly and aggressively punished while female behavior is pushed (fully endorsed by women like yourself who then turn around and bitch about the consequences of such systems).

    On top of that you have created a system that removes male role models. Women sleep around now, they get pregnant and then make sure that the father is not in the picture either by their choice (lobbying for unequal custody laws, dragging the father through a vicious court system that caters to the woman at the expense of the father and men) or by proxy (choosing poor mates then exploiting laws to extort money either through the perfectly legal paternity fraud or through welfare systems that are used almost exclusively by women).

    So to answer your question, what happened to men? WOMEN. Suck it up, this is the world that you pushed for, fought for and endorse explicitly and implicitly.

  • The answer is: women thought that they could change a lot of societal rules for themselves and some for men, but that everything else would stay the same. They wanted to have their cake and eat it too. But changes in one area always result in other changes, because everything is connected.

    You also had RadFems who spent 40 years teaching women that men were evil and had to be controlled and punished, and that women could (and SHOULD!) do everything that men can do, and were shamed and shunned if they chose traditional female roles.

    The teachers in today's schools have grown up in this, and they take every opportunity to shame and restrict little boys for any masculine behavior, and they teach in female-centric ways (having eliminated most or all of the hands-on teaching that boys respond to).

    By the time they hit college with 20 years of warped feminization, far too many are kale-eating feminists themselves and ashamed of their masculinity (whatever little remains).

    Ironically, after 50 years of Feminism, women have never been more unhappy or more stressed...

    • Once again, Mr Oracle with the best answer. Watch the Gillette ads, the constant media barrage that all masculinity is toxic, and the erosion hasn't happened overnight, but over 2 generations (at least). Add that marriage is totally a raw deal for men and you've got what we have today. Men are being punished for what you call "masculinity" in a concerted effort for feminism to take power. Look for a female president push in 2020.

  • Damn girl can't pay for your own huh. Whoever asks who on the date I think should pay, but I'm guessing you don't think women should ask guys on dates lol. Regardless I always make sure I can pay for it, before I agree to a date. There's nothing wrong with offering, that means your responsible and you don't expect men to do everything for you. If you do your a dumbass.

    • You dumb need to go back to health class

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    • What's that have to do with you?😂
      You a ladyboy?

    • No just someone who knows understands it's perfectly ok for women to take initiative. Nothing wrong with him paying for it and nothing wrong with her paying either. It's 2019 people can do whatever they want now, male or female. That's the beauty of progress.

  • I see where you’re coming from but some of what you’re saying makes it seem like women should be able to get away with anything just because they’re women. What makes women so special that they shouldn’t have to pay for their own frickin food? “You want her to be able to relax and enjoy her time with you don't you?“ Why shouldn’t the man and the woman have equal responsibility in making sure everyone is having a good time?

    • Same reason a car can't have two drivers

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    • Men need to act like men not women. Somebody needs to be driving the car. Not both equally

    • Men and women are two sides of the same coin. There's nothing wrong with it. This isn't exactly a USA exclusive thing but once you give women the right to vote things become much much emotionally based rather than logically based. The majority of women didn't want the right to vote as the right to vote involved signing up for the draft. Democrats wanted to give women the right to vote as it was the only thing that let them win. Look at voting statistics and you'll see that the democratic vote is heavily reliant on women because the arguments they make are based on emotion. When women gain power laws are enacted that make it harder for men to be men. Sorry I'm drunk and can't finish. Arrivederci

  • Well this is controversial lol. I kind of agree with the gist of it, but I don’t think men should force themselves to be less emotional to fit the mold of a “real man” or whatever. They’re humans, humans have feelings. Men are biologically less emotional than women, of course, but a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve isn’t necessarily a bad thing, at least to me. I’d rather have that than a guy who’s stone cold.

    I also personally don’t at all agree with your insistence that men should pay for dates. I think men throwing their money at women is an outdated ideal that originated from a time when women didn’t do any work and didn’t have any of their own cash. Nowadays though, they do. Some women even have a more successful career and make more money than the men they’re dating or that they’re married to. With these things considered, it just isn’t fair to force such a backwards practice on men in modern society where both sexes are wholly capable of making their own money. Women are capable of earning (and spending) just as much money as the average guy, it’s time they stop acting like they aren’t.

    • @CarpetDenim
      Good 🙂
      Thanks for joining us miss

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    • I'm controversial 😁

    • @CarpetDenim
      Would you message me please
      It's nothing bad

  • Women in the west do not generally abide by gender roles, yet expect men to. Women today don’t act like delicate flowers for a lot of them are proud sluts who act entitled and bitchy. Women do not get to physically slap or strike men and expect no repercussions. If a woman acts like a woman, the I’ll treat her with chivalry and respect. If she wants to act like a man, then I’ll treat her as such. So many women I’ve dated expect so much, yet don’t put out what they should in return.

    I’m a former Marine, and ghetto street cop. I’m around alpha type A personalities all day and have grown up in the environment. I take pride in being a man, but a man in my opinion doesn’t change himself in order to appease a woman’s needs. A man constantly strives to be the best version of himself, and is unapologetically himself.

    If a mans personality doesn’t align with your typical definition of what’s considered masculine, then the weakest thing he could do is change himself. When I went to college I studied engineering, and befriended a lot of guys who would be considered nerds. They didn’t really workout, and they dedicated most all of their time to studying. They created some amazing shit in the field today as I still stay in contact with them. That doesn’t make them weak. They are simply different and perform in different ways. I don’t see them as inferior.

    If you’re an emotional guy, then find a way to channel that emotion in a healthy way and be proud of who you are man. Mike Tyson the famous boxer is one of the most emotional guys you could meet. Yet, he’s one of the most badass fighters and dude on the planet. If you’re outspoken and extroverted, then embrace it. If you’re introverted and reserved, embrace it. Don’t ever change yourself and your values for a woman. Be unapologetically you man and never let a woman change that.

  • I agree with most of your myTake, so I'm going to talk about the things I don't *completelly* agree with.

    I honestly don't expect men to pay for every time we go out, but I believe that for the first date, the one who did the asking out pays. Times have changed, now most of us work and get money, so that changes the structure of dates.

    Long hair on guys can look very manly and attractive, but Justin Bieber is definitely not the manly type.

  • As I can't speak for all men. I don't have a problem paying for dates as long as I'm having a good time too. However, I don't let gold diggers run me dry as all the beta-cuck white knights do. The vast majority of men have in their minds that the more they spend the quicker they'll get their dick wet. Same as in constant texting and using faggot emojis when they communicate. This is wrong. This is how they (women) communicate with each other. This is wrong. You must make them chase you. To a woman, attention is a drug. Literally. It is a dopamine rush/ego trip to the Nth degree for them. Keep them interested of course. But you don't give addicts their fix constantly. They'll tire of you quickly. But not after you've taken them to all of the places you can't afford until you can't pay rent. Secret. Care. But don't act like you do.
    As far as men not being men. It's true. Testosterone levels have dropped 30% over the last 50 years. Diet, sedentary lifestyles and liberalism have feminized men to the point of pity. Porn has also done a number on the male brain. 20 years ago porn was around but still somewhat taboo. The weird shit was only accessible in adult bookstores. Now prepubescent boys have access to the most depraved shit one can lay eyes on. Porn is also a drug, creating new addicts every day.
    Ok, now for you, LADIES. Why don't' you start being fucking ladies again? The whole feminism/pretend I'm a dyke for a while because its hip thing isn't working for us. Multicolored hair, really short bangs and those fucking nose rings, the ones through the septum are fucking hideous. So is the wave of being FAT is beautiful shit. It's not beautiful. Oh and "curvy" doesn't mean round or having a fat slug body with cankles. Marilyn Monroe was curvy. Obesity is foul. We don't want to date you because we don't want our kids ending up looking like you. We all have biological cues and markers we pick up on. It's natures way of telling us whether or not you would be a good genetic match. Having a round butt and hips is fine. But big flabby gunts (gut+cunt) and canned hams hanging off of your arms is not.
    Aside from the physical, many of you are self-absorbed, materialistic selfie whores who care about nothing but your pleasure trip. You can't cook for shit anymore and are basically useless in the domestic capacity. Your heads are in your phones looking for your next attention fix. 90% of you can't carry on a conversation beyond pop culture. And you wonder why we fuck you then ghost you.

    • @Brutus977
      I appreciate you somehow 140 men feel personally insulted. Thank you for your input sir😊
      I know how to piss off 90% of men now😲 my goodness

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    • A 140 guys😲got offended somehow

    • I'm not an expert on this, but i heard in school years ago, that the water can't be purified completely. So female birth control hormones and maybe other drugs as well can be found in the water supply, aka tap water. Not sure about mineral water, but i guess it's kind of the same.

      Some say it's harmless, but who knows what are the effects of these in the long term... and this is just one thing. Our foods are changing, diets are changing etc.. and i guess not everyone is affected the same way.
      The media is also responsible for a lot of the things, that happen today.

  • Get back in the kitchen and then you can talk about this. Some things just aren't for women, especially masculine activities like working, voting, owning land, and drinking alcohol, women simply aren't designed to do such things, they should be feminine and give respect to men for the hard work that women are simply not capable of. Masculine activities make them less pretty and delicate.

    If women work and are equal to men then men shouldn't be forced or required or shamed into acting the way you described. "You want her yo be able to relax and enjoy her time with you don't you?" No. I want to enjoy my time with her, she decides whether or not she enjoys her time with me, I shouldn't have to try to impress and treat her to make her enjoy spending time with me, she should enjoy it because she likes spending time with me, not because I payed for her meal. Further, I don't want to worry about the extra expenses of paying for her food, if paying for her own meal stresses her out and worries her to the point that she can't enjoy herself then she is either too broke to be eating at a resteraunt or going on dates and should instead focus on making and saving money. Either that or she is a cheap and shallow person that I want nothing to do with (because all she cares about is the money, if the date goes great but then is ruined by her having to pay for her own meal then she is clearly not interested in the guy for his personality). If I'm going to treat her so well then she better work hard to keep my home tidy and keep me happy.

    If women need men to protect them then women should be passive rather than aggressive, too many women now adays get in your face, hit you, and expect you to do nothing in retaliation.

    To summarize: don't push stereotypical gender roles on the other gender unless you willingly acceot your own stereotypical gender roles.

    • I do and I'm winning

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    • Well men shouldn't feel certain things, according to the OP. Certain feelings are just not masculine enough for men to feel, we need to control what men can and cannot feel, change them genetically to be no longer human, pain, sadness, indecision, these feelings need to be cut out of men.

      The entire post is controlling and manipulative towards men, teying to shame them for having emotions, shame them for living in the city rather than learning to survive in the wilderness (like I guess men can't work in accounting anymore because all that office time will make you a bad survivor, if your job doesn't make you spend at least 30% of the day outside surviving off the land then you aren't a real man!). But I'm the one being stupid for thinking that a message aimed at men that says, "be the way I want you to be or there is something deeply wrong with you", is sexist, manipulative, controlling, and despicable.

    • "Some skillsets are not for men" "some emotions are not for men" "you want her to be able to relax and enjoy her time with you, dont you?" "Men today are scientifically proven to have lover sex drive. This makes me really sad for womens sex lives." "Unless you are on steroids then most men have below average testerone" (literally impossible. You are essentially saying that the average man has below average testosterone... how can most men be below the average of men? Like saying that the majority of men are below the average height. Just... baffling.) Then she again shames men for not being skilled at surviving in the woods, shames men for not working on cars, shames men for driving things other than trucks and sports cars, shames men for having emotions, wearing pink. shames men for... their depiction in movies aimed at women? Like... the notebook and fifty shades of grey were not marketed at men... just saying lol.

      I was trying to replicate her level of dislike for the other gender, to show how evil and manipulative it is. Guess that gets lost though, people only care about women these days. She can say whatever she wants about men and people don't care, but if I say the same kind of shit about women then I am an evil sexist misogynist.

  • Feminism aka Misandry has ruined society to the point where being a man lands you in jail. So a lot of men stay away from what you call "Being a man". They don't wanna go to jail for having their own opinion, for protecting themselves against abusive women, for being tricked by dishonest women.

    • Don't forget the whole metoo thing.
      Now if you are accused that's it. You are automatically guilty.

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    • What is metoo?

      It was supposed to be a movement that woman were using to denounce sexual harassment in the workplace. Its actually been around for a long time but did not gain fame untl the whole Harvey Einstein scandal thing was brought to light. In and unto itself it is not a bad idea. Some men do abuse woman under them. The problem with metoo is that it has morphed into a very different beast. It has now become a movement where pretty much anything a man does is taken as sexual harassment and he is now dragged out to be crucified.

      Say good morning to a woman and she does not like your tone... metoo
      Ask and woman out on a date and she does not like you... metoo
      Pay female coworker a compliment and... metoo
      Make eye contact for too long and surprise... metoo

      Where I work , since this whole metoo thing came out not only have I been more cautious around female coworkers I have noticed that most of my male colleagues have very quietly distanced themselves from the ladies at work. Nobody has mentioned it but I have noticed it. I have seen it at bars and coffee shops. There is something different with my fellow men.

    • @Texaskid1 oh thank you I thought it was about rape

  • I don't know after the mee-too men are not shame for being masculine. I tell myself there are things men can do that women can't. But there are things I can do that men can't. Its a yin-yang situation. But feminst don't want that. I still dream of having a husband and 8 kids lol I think thats more important than a career or whatever. The pay gap is hella stupided. Most women work as teacher or some shit. lol Get a job that pays like a man and stop crying.

    • In my stone age mind, i see a woman only as a housewife, call me sexist or anything you want... i just adore women who are TRUE women, there is nothing wrong when a woman say, i csnnot live without my man. I love it.

      Also a housewife is the most important role for a woman because it's the base from where all the next generation will come from...

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    • @NorthwestCD a housewife's shoe worth you little piece of garbage

  • For all of your opinions on men forgetting how to be men, at no point did you address women knowing how to be women.

    No guy will fight to defend your honor, when he knows he's probably the latest in a village worth of men to have gone between those legs.

    Plenty of men do pay for dates, just not on tinder, because it's not a date, it's a pretense for a hookup - sorry, you won't get wined and diner when the going rate for pussy is a drink at a club. Sorry, but today the going rate for a whore is much less, and if you expect payment for your time... You might be a whore.

    I guess the alternative to the feminine looking men is the butch looking women? Or 30+ year old women crying about "real men" - men that aren't going to look at a woman that's hit the wall, and is rapidly declining in fertility, as it were.

    Sorry, I guess I should have started with a trigger warning. The truth us there's plenty of guys like the ones you're outlining, and there gas always been wimps; your problem is that you're a low-class woman that only attracts the latter.

    You cite The Nitebook and 50 Shades as contributing factors to the degradation of men; what man is watching that shit anyway? Fucking lol.

    • Someones been on the red pills

    • @WhoDatGuy I haven't been on red pills, I don't really agree with MGTOW for example, I simply know the argument; just as some women complain there are no real men out there, some men complain there's no real women, and they both share the same problem - the inability to attract the right people.

    • I adhere to some mgtow principles. But it's not fixed, ability to adapt is important.
      But I agree these people want something but do little to get it

  • I might get some flack for this, but I agree with you. I might sound like a whip to you here making whiny excuses so that's my warning to you. Here is the reason why men don't do some of these things anymore that you mentioned. The thing now with seeing a woman being abused by another man in public is that it's a legal issue as well. When a man reports a woman being hit and calls the police usually the woman being abused drops the charges on her male abuser. If we take the matter physically ourselves and beat up her abuser we could and we would get put in jail. It would still be considered battery even though we did the right thing. Even when some men try and stand up for the female victim sometimes that his wife will restrain him from trying to help the abused victim. That says a lot about the female acceptance culture as well which you technically covered in your mytake. They even did this in a social experiment from that show What Would you Do (WWYD). Now the other issue is the paying for dates thing.
    Every date I've been on I've insisted so much to pay for her date, but she always refuses and pays for her own date. What you expect us to do in that situation when the woman won't let you pay for the date? Sneakily pay for it when she is not paying attention?

    • @blondfrog
      We have hands down Loyalty
      You are my kitties baby daddy and the trans Question you ask omg I supported you like a friend.. becaues we are👍 thank you
      Tell kitty hi

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    • Oh I knew that I thought you just misspelled it. You didn't add a c in the curse word lol. This website won't remove your post just for saying a bad word unless using it in a derogatory way towards another gagger on here.

    • It's a downward spiral for me

  • "Being a man" is an attitude and too many of today's guys think it is an outdated notion. Sad.

  • Some of us still are that way those of us who were raised traditionally anyway.

    We could also ask the same question in regards to women, what happened to women acting like proper ladies?

    It's a two way street, you can't in your right mind expect men to want to act like men used to if women won't do the same.

    But you can thank feminists, the attempted destruction of the nuclear family, the media and soy in the food for the emasculation of men.

    also it'd be more accurate to say most modern people in general would die in nature both men and women.

    • Too much truth in one post.

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    • @CubsterShura "If a guy acts like a man then he is a man." No sorry but I don't necessarily think it's the same. I've seen guys who are big and buff and show off their masculinity a lot but they are actually toxic, insecure men.

      Clearly you do not know what masculinity is if you think that. And your earlier comment about you not even knowing how a man is supposed to act reinforces that, I'd respectfully advise you do not contradict yourself.

      I've entertained the conversation long enough, there's no point as a man discussing masculinity with a woman especially a woman who admits herself that she doesn't even know how a man is supposed to act then later claims to know what a man/masculinity is and how it should be.

    • You totally even missed the point of what I meant.

      I meant that a man pretending to be manly and doing stereotypically 'man' stuff isn't what I am after and I don't think that makes anyone a man necessarily. You know exactly what I mean, don't try to deny it just because I did not fully agree with you. You know very well what I mean, don't sound like you don't understand it either.

      But let's hear from you anyway what you mean by a man.

  • I have no idea on what to say here honestly😂😂great mytake babe

    But i must say, men are still that men your talking about, it just the change the partner wants from him that they're exhibiting. Gay men are those lazy ass men, who wants to be woken up with roses, breakfast in bed shit. Why do they wanna be females and not men, still confuses me.

    • @Chikky
      Awesome roses😂
      Theirs a nice girl on here that read these men
      Like seasame street read them...

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    • What am saying and what you're saying is quite different. Did i make mention of exquisite things, nah. I'm talking about some wanna be girls like gay do who wants to be like girls and transgender. Those peeps are the worst kinds of men

    • @Chikky
      Whinny too I forgot to put that in 🤦

  • Because men today are taught that being male makes you automatically bad, toxic, evil. You can thank feminists for pushing notions like toxic masculinity, and you can thank parents for never pushing kids to work hard and earn things.

  • In the end it's all men's fault. All these dudes that hate on women are just sad. If you want women to want you then be a man, it's as simple as that. Certain historical circumstances have made it harder yes but that's no excuse when you're aware of your situation.

  • Feminism is cancer and has destroyed our society by making everything male "toxic" and generally injecting feminist cancer into everything.
    They start in grade schools where feminist basically control the system and treat boys like broken girls, push "social justice" nonsense, and teach boys that being boys is a bad thing.

  • I personally disagree with large elements of this MyTake.

    I do agree on the fact biologically we are not all equals, for example, men cannot give birth, women can- usually men are stronger than women in physical instances.

    But that doesn't mean we shouldn't treat each other with equal respect. We should stick up for each other as human beings- if I expect a man to stick up for me, I should be expected to stick up for a man too providing he's in the right.

    I do also disagree with the 'only men should pay for dates' thing. If a guy always paid personally, I'd feel like I'm scrounging off of him.

  • Far from everyone have forgotten. I haven't. But if you want the majority of men to be men again then rid yourself of that insidious movement called feminism.

  • women wanted less macho, more sensitive, less muscular, more "taking care of himslef", less manly, more in touch with his feminine side.

    And then metro sexuals happened, and manscaping happened because of what women wanted.

  • 3d

    They all died because their women were so willing to let them go off to war.

    Seriously though, you're getting nostalgic over an unrealistic stereotype that never really existed. The best of men have never been the "tough and strong" types. They've been the clever or cunning, the exact same thing that has set exceptional women apart as well; because that's what sets HUMANS apart.

    Seriously, try naming more than a handful of famous 'tough guy' men who really changed or impacted the world that weren't simply some sideshow. I bet you nearly everyone you could name was just an entertainer: An athlete, an actor, a performer, etc. The kind of men you're talking about are the type that REAL men pay to stand around in suits and take a bullet for them.

    You look through history, the game-changer men aren't the tough guys. Winston Churchill was fat. Ghandi was scrawny and weak. Roosevelt may have been in decent shape but it never played into what he actually did. Genghis Kahn wasn't huge - he was a cunning tactician. Napoleon was notorious for being tiny. The most in-shape president ever was JFK, and he was a pretty-boy. The one real exception is guys in the military, but they, in the end, take orders from the ones that aren't in the military.

    But you want to know what kind of person throughout history has constantly had the traits you're asking for? Not leaders, that's for sure. Pretty common in slaves tho'.

    • 2d

      You make an interesting point, dragon. My thoughts were going off on a similar tangent but differ from yours.
      #1 I think that being in good physical condition and looking fit is crucial for both genders. That's what most creatures, including humans, look for when selecting mates. They are preprogrammed to instinctively find attraction in the best prospect for producing and caring for healthy offspring.
      #2 Cunning sounds like a sociopathic tendency associated with sneaky, sly, manipulative, ruthless, dishonest..
      Clever is desirable, to be sure. It implies things like quick wit, bright, intelligent, discerning, sense of humor, cool headed. Such traits are desirable in both men and women.
      Clever men would be good providers because they know how to make a living. They also know how to read body language, how to be masculine without being threatening, how to be attentive and, yes, even chivalrous under the right circumstances while not appearing to be condescending. They would be comfortable with a woman who is comfortable with her own power. They would know how to honor her feminine power.
      Similarly, a clever woman would know how to maximize her feminine powers, not to compete with a man on a male playing field, but to equal and even get the better of him by playing in her own ball park by her rules.
      When men and women do this, they compliment each other and they both win..

  • I blamed the women for being abusive towards minors and hitting men. Plus, women hardly want to have sex with men before marriage nowadays which sucks. Why should I be in a relationship with a woman who doesn’t want to get laid. I don’t have time for that. Plus, I blamed White people for raping, torturing, beating up our Black women, and making them suffer during slavery. If any man not a real man, this should be told to White men, then.
    To say that, a man who hits a woman in self-defense, and have a woman who hits the man first be protected by her male guardian is unfair and childish for another man to interfere to beat up another man for hitting another man for hitting a woman in self-defense. Personally, I don’t think that man who hits another man for hitting a woman in self-defense is a real man at all. If that’s all everybody feel, then they should get their asses kicked for assault, and hitting someone first if that’s everybody’s fantasy of what a real man is.
    Also, male criminals that doesn’t go to jail or get their asses kicked for committing a crime aren’t real men. For example, sexual criminals like rapists, child molesters, pedophiles, sexual abusers, etc. that prey on anybody. They aren’t real men!

    • I see your point

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    • Now you're getting it

    • Manly ass bitch!

  • iml ucky I'll never have to deal with these types of issues

    coming from someone who's been in numerous altercations with both genders & has made countless enemies throughout my life I can pretty much voucher that "legit" tough guys are usually the ones you least expect

    don't care about proving myself to anyone but to be blunt... both genders are useless & pathetic in my eyes

  • Buhu. Men don’t treat me well and don't give me money. What a shame. Go cry in a corner.

  • lack of father figures - loss of training, and feminization of training (instead of hard, hands on work, it's soft work)
    Disconnection from nature - tell someone you cut up a fish or shot and slaughtered a deer for food and see reaction.
    feminization of boys in society (as noted elsewhere here)
    not enough strenous exercise and physical challenges that build character... men used to work hard outdoors, now we sit at desks and type. that used to be womens work!
    Society shifted - men's usage of power and force not accepted, it's language law that are preferred. Women gained power... they often screw themselves.

    Drop the excess fat - diet chg
    HIIT exercise
    Enroll boys in physical activities - good luck changing education, govt doesn't want macho, physical, high testosterone men outside of military. Turn off TV's and games.
    Keep men in kids lives, keep families together.
    Kill all the lawyers, or send them to mars... whatever - that's kinda manly isn't it?
    More bar fights!

  • I don't disagree with a lot of what your saying. However I think its kinda funny though. You're speaking of men living up to a standard from a by gone era. But you yourself wouldn't live up to the standards of the women of that era. So how is it that a show fighter wants a man with the skills and mindset from 50 years back. What happened to women being women. Times change. You wouldn't fit into that eras standards so why try to shame someone else for not fitting into those standards.

    Its the pot calling the kettle black in my eyes.

    • You don't know me so respectfully speaking a lot of assumptions going on there sir. I'm not one to assume ones specific character made a sample ratio but that is about it

    • I'm not trying to make a personal attack or anything like that. I'm just calling it as I see it, same as you. So many women complain about "real men" but they don't fall into the "real woman" category themselves. I can tell by your tone that you don't like having "real womanhood" defined for yourself. Just remember that when you try to define what being a "man" is to an entire gender.

    • Okay I will and it was majority of the gender
      Your right I'm not perfect
      I do MMA all sorts of things not Womanisk
      But am traditional in many as well

  • This is the most bs I've read in a while, but you're entitled to your opinion. I definitely don't think of myself as the same gender class as a woman. However if a woman hits me, I will defend myself. Just because I'm stronger/a guy doesn't mean I don't have that right. Do you provoke a wild tiger or cobra or anything that is dangerous to you? No. You respect it. Women nowadays think they can get away with anything because they don't respect that fundamental rule of survival. Society has conditioned them that way. By the way if you go back in time, it was actually more okay to hit your woman because the man was the dominant figure of households. It's only really recent generations that have made hitting women a crime. I'm not saying that is the right thing. I'm just saying what you're saying is false.

    As for dates, I don't understand why the women feels she is entitled to a free meal when both men and women have pretty much equal opportunity and equal pay nowadays. Are you looking for a partner that's also a best friend or are you looking for a sugar daddy to pay for your good times? If you're looking for a partner and best friend, then why would you apply a different standard to them? I can understand back in the day when women barely made a fraction of what men made that men would pay for the meals because that's logical, but we don't live in those times. If I have to pay for your time, then that implies that you believe your time is more valuable than mine.

    I agree with men having to stand up for women because we are generally physically stronger.

    Wish you would go back to the old days that you so yearn for, so you can get beaten by your man while he pays for all your meals because you make less than a fraction of what he makes. Don't worry though. He'll be there to protect you from other guys because you're his property. It'll make you feel like more of a woman I bet.

  • Toxic and malignant social engineering at work , pitting the genders against each other , and attempting to eliminate gender polarity , neuter + neuter attracts nothing... this is all by design. Boys and men are bashed relentlessly and depicted as sex crazed rapists in waiting , that are expendable , worthless and useless without some " smart woman " basically wiping his arse for him !! Which is BS , I'm a FT working single dad , enough said !!

    • " Men today are scientifically proven to have less sex drive." ... most women COMPLAIN that men are TOO sex focused , men still typically have far higher libidos than women , surely they would welcome men with reduced , or even no sex drive !! I am very thankful my Male Curse has nose dived to virtually nothing , single dad = permanent celibacy anyway

  • Haha this is very cute. What happened to females wanting equal pay, equal say in society, etc... first point, most men are proud to be men, we work hard, take care of our responsibilities, handle our business and hardly take breaks (I’m talking for me and the people I know around me). A woman that expects to be taken care of is not a woman, she is a little spoiled brat that wants to be treated like a queen. Not going to happen. Second point, domestic violence is wrong. And I have stepped in, when a man was beating his woman. But there were also, 30 other girls in the group and maybe 12-15 men.. so where were the woman to step in.. it’s a human thing, not a sex or gender thing. And surprise, surprise. Not a woman brave enough to help de-escalate the situation. If another man was there that girl would have been fucked.. third point, I don’t fuck with woman that won’t carry there own weight, and some women are heavy as fuck! But a woman, that loves to go out and eat, and not pay some of her way, is a worthless woman. She won’t be able to offer me anything in a relationship but a warm pussy... and I can pretty much find that anywhere.. so show me you are a unique gem and be responsible for yourself or have the balls to show society.. “I’m a strong women, who has more to offer than just my pussy...”

  • A combination of coming from broken homes, estrogen in the food and water, and feminists in charge of education.

    • "estrogen in the food and water" How's the air on the other side of flat-Earth? Have the vaccines you got as a kid given you autism yet?

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    • ... Because it's part of the gender transition. You're equating medical procedures now with (and I noticed you didn't actually address what I asked earlier about the food, like phytoestrogens; you just ignored it) chemicals in the water which are mostly the result of stupid people flushing their pills down the toilet, which you're not supposed to do because then it's really hard to get out. Yes, hormone therapy for the purpose of a sex change is often taken orally in pill form, sure, along with injections though, and also, a sex change is not ONLY taking hormones-- it's also surgical.

      I think you're mistakenly conflating several different issues here.

  • There are so many things wrong with this take that I don't even know where to begin.
    So all I can say is, shut up.

    • Hit a nerve

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    • And the who pays on the first date is a very difficult topic. Everyone seems to have different opinions. You say you want the guy to pay first. But I've met many girls who explicitly said they want to split the bill. Relationships are supposed to be about equal work and responsibilities.

    • True but categorized different

  • Cucks are made , not born. Get rid of the cultural Marxism and return to tradition and things will balance out. This is mostly western men and white men in particular. It's not because they're that way naturally, no man is. It's what happens when you attack a society you want to get rid of. When you start working on them as children, even in grade school they don't stand much of a chance of fighting back. We're taking about little kids, not hardened soldiers they did this to. Marxists know how to subvert a society. I suspect the low T thing may have psychological roots, there is a lot we don't know. If you want to know what's wrong with men you need to study the subject. Here is a good place to start.

    Also this is worth checking out.

    This is a good description of postmodernism. Disguised as just another trendy philosophy it is actually a weapon.

    Its a lot of material, but it's important you understand. Take your time, listen in your car or where ever.

  • I personally am not a fan of long hair on my man but ponytails and buns on men have been around for centuries. Native American men would wear their hair in braids or down straight. But I don't think that makes someone any less of a man.

  • It's impossible to answer the question to why men are different than before without mentioning women. Just like it's impossible to answer why women are different without mentioning men.
    Society changes, we change with it as well as it changes with us. We adapt to the changes of the other gender, as well as they adapt to us.
    If you tell women they gotta show they're as successful as men in their careers by the display of their income, this forces women to start paying for dates, which forces men to not want to pay for dates. If you shame a man for wanting to pay for the date, that man is gonna be reluctant to pay for dates with other women.

    Male and female changes go hand in hand. I think some changes are for good, while others I don't like too much, but that's fine, because there's still a lot of people that fall under the category of what this post will call a "man", as well as the equivalent of the opposite gender, so if you want that type of people in your life, search for them.

  • As a 'classic male' I totally agree with winterfox10 and everything you stated above. Now at the ripe old age of 56 I gave up dating roughly 20 years ago when it became an apparent insult to invite a woman out for dinner (nothing more just the dinner). while being single I have an extensive family and have more feeding, nappy changing (diapers), bathing, and feeding time than most fathers (I was brought up to totally care for family), but no one would call me a 'modern male' as I will fight my corner and when I do there is only one rule - WIN - I do not 'fight fair' never have and never will.
    If I am allowed I treat everyone I meet with respect but if I happen to meet a woman that insists on being treated as an 'equal', then that is what she will get, being treated the same way I'd treat a man, no passes, no excuses accepted, get on and do what needs to be done, When the ears and wailing starts it has no effect, I have four younger sisters so I see through the BS these 'equal' women use when being 'equal' is too much for them.

  • Let me be clear here...
    I am dam proud of being a men, we are fucking awsome!
    I like to pay for dates, makes me feel like a men!
    I like to defend my girl, I did it from a dog once, I felt awsome and in pain but screw it.
    I like to be strong, I do muai thay and I go to the gym.
    I would not survive in the wild, but that is because I don't have the knowledge to do so.
    I also think that a modern man doesn't look like that girly dolly verson of whatever that guy is, it's an abomination.
    Masculinity is well alive and will at least for as long as I live.
    But... I don't have the money to take my girl out as much as I would like so yes she pays sometimes. I am still a man.
    I have tons of represed anger and after three years of relationship something happend and I showed my demons to my girl. She hugged me and said she would always be there for me. I cried in her arms. I am still a man.
    We are powerful, but we are not invencible. That is when we need you. If modern men aren't men enough, modern girls don't know how to take care of their men when he needs anymore. There is still strong men and caring women. Sadly both are a dying breed.

  • To steal a line from fight club "We're a generation of men raised by women. I'm wondering if another woman is really the answer we need." What boys need is father to be in their lives.

  • Or just mind your own business and let people be whatever they want as long they aren't hurting anyone

    • Its my question one could say the same thing to you my love. But I'm not arguing with you so was lovely meeting you. Thanks

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    • I got a line of 100 something butt hurt dudes here🙂 I'm on defense probably
      I'm sorry 😂

    • Don't downvote her whoever did
      That's not nice!

  • MGTOW here I come!

    But I'll explain what happened to the men.

    Basically they (or rather we) were screwed over for all the headlines, that you have pointed out too many times to tolerate.
    We will start acting like gentlemen as soon as we find a woman acting like a lady.

  • I don't agree with fighting and violence as MMA or boxing or paying for dates who women aren't your personal woman.

    Anyways, I have been saying these for a while now. Men today want to act like Peter Pan, never grow up and act like sissies.

    We currently live in a matriarch western society which does major harm to men in a lot of areas.

    As far men getting back their manly masculine form here in the West.. I sadly doubt it.

  • One thing is for sure, if you want access to plenty of women, act like a man.

    So man guys are effeminate that just acting manly will make you so unique it will attract so many women hungry for a strong male.

    • 💪 it's not hard between the guns, combat sports and outdoorsman skills I struggle with guys.

  • I really dont know whats happening to the world we have more gays then ever now

    • I don't know either and thank you chick nice to see you pretty as ever.
      I wanna shoe show soon please❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    • @krogaan what would you expect from o Canada if your prime minister is mmm who knows, maybe a spoiled boy, countries needs to be run by REAL MEN...

      Tell your turdeau, what kind of freedom are you talking about when you give homosexuals who are abnormal people the right to talk and normal straight people if they claim that they are against it than they are haters...

      Such people can shove their laws in their ass*s, no one have the right to order you in what you must believe in... i'm not hurting anyone or cussing anyone, it's just my opinion and other people'a opinion...

      My friend, it's weird that in Canada i knew a lot of people who are religious and are against such things but still are worst than americans...

      Maybe the system needs to be changed, it's either freedom for everyone or freedom for no one, you can't tell a group of people that they are free snd the others aren't while they are the same citizens of the same country...

    • this is the most ignorant and stupid comment on this thread by far. Where's that billy madison, "I award you no points" video?

  • 6d

    First of all really well written.
    I agree with you completely , but " they " have destroyed the male gender , I was bought up with 3 Sisters who were all very strong , I was bought up to protect my women , to fight for there dignity , to be aware of danger , but to never ever " strike " a woman , for this is the action of a coward. To open the door for her , to make ( some ) decisive decisions for her , but most of all to always have her best interests at heart.

    But , males have been literally crushed , crushed into submission , you can't be a man anymore , you can't even go about and try to create a relationship any longer as this could be an " unwanted advance " . How many unwanted advances ended in marriage and child birth ?

    We as a society , have to get how heads around the fact , men create a lot of sperm , every hour , this all happens for a reason , and is part of the male mindset , you can't just ignore it.

    Men and Women are different and this is one of the joys of life , now please lets just allow it to work like this and stop trying to change the natural.

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