What does it mean when a guy keeps presents you give him?

I am confused by something. Lot of people do not like me and I often feel the guy I like doesn't either but is being too nice to tell me. However he is always friendly and smiles at me. Last year I gave him a homemade birthday present. Afterwards, some mean kids in school upset me and I accused the guy I like that he was calling me names too. Turns out he wasn't, when we crossed paths again , I had another gift for him. He smiled and took it, then he told me, you know Sammy I still have your gift from last year. I was thrilled that he told me that. He is always friendly to me, and gives me respect. But I feel he is more interested in cheerleaders and upper class girls then a girl who doesn't have lot of money like me. What should I do or think


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  • It is possible that you may be misconstruing courtesy and kindeness for love. I treat almost all girls like that because it makes them feel special but I am very clear on boundaries. He may think of you as just a friend. If this is so, don't be disheartened, guys (like me in particular lol) don't realise when a girl is attracted to them and can sometimes confuse things a friend might do to things a person who has a crush on you does.

    You may want to sutbly hint to this guy (maybe not to subtly) that you like him. Just drop things like, 'You're a really great guy, you know that?' into conversation. If he responds something along the lines of 'you're a great friend' or 'You're good too' he probably doesn't see you as anything more then a friend.

    I hope things work out for you. You should also remember that if he doesn't like you more then a friend, it doesn't mean that no one likes you, just that one guy.

    As for keeping presents, I'd see that as common courtesy. If someone (be it boy or girl) put in effort to make a present for me, I'd keep it. I don't think it neccessarily means he likes you more then a friend but I'd say he definately likes you in some way.


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  • Honestly listen to Josh He said it very very well. I just have to comment on that second to last sentence. Money doesn't matter in high school to all but the worst of assholes


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  • why do you keep giving this guy gifts? I'm not trying to be rude but you're gonna set yourself up to be played hard if you keep doing that. I think he's just being nice to you. you don't have to try that hard to get a guy to like you. if he does like you let him make a move, you've already given him at least 2 gifts, if he was into you I think he would have made it clear by now. just because you keep a gift someone gives you doesn't mean there is any deeper feelings there, I'm sorry.