Do you like being barefoot?

Hey, girls do you like being barefoot on the beach or at home and in public such as the mall, school, resturants, the park, the street. You're in a public place sitting on a bench, eating in a resturant or doing what ever, having your shoes off or on, All of a sudden, you feel your flip flops slowly slipping off; you look down and you see some guy taking them off. If you have your shoes off legs crossed, you see some guy pass bye taking your flip flops. What would you do at this point? After you see him, he says, "do you like being barefoot?". You see some guy taking at the beach taking your flip flops and saying the same thing while walking away what would you do at this point?. Alternativly, You lose a bet with your boyfriend, and you have to walk barefoot the next date you go to, would you do it? Do you like being barefoot?
Do you like being barefoot?
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