Best cuddling positions?

Yup as the question says,what do you think is da greatest positions.


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  • For me its when your head is resting on his shoulder with you arms wrapped around him. I feel so safe.


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  • Spooning on the couch, watching a movie. =)

    • Spooning what do ya mean by that?

    • Kind of like both of you are laying on one side with the man behind the girl.

    • I get it now! I love that one...

      but why do they call it spooning it sounds so out there?haha

  • Hehehe Doggy style =P

    I don't know, something comfy like on a hammock but I like it on unusual places like a beanbag chair. I don't think it is the positions I think its the location.

    • Little boy don't even!!lol

  • I like spooning with my girlfriend. She likes it too. She also likes to lay across me as we are on the sofa when we are watching tv or something. In bed, we lie facing each other with our legs around one another. It's very comfortable. Also, when we are in bed, I like it when I lie on my back and she puts her head on my chest and throws her leg over me.

    • Why did someone give me a negative point? What was wrong with what I said? lol

    • I am so sorry I meant to give it to one of these other childish kids....


    • Thanks - that's ok!

  • Man's head facing woman, tongue sticking out buried in between her legs or woman's head facing man, mouth wide open buried in between man's legs. This is what I consider cuddling.

    • You are still voting on this. Geez, get a life.

    • Lol........

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  • When on the bed, I love laying next to my guy with my head on his chest and my leg thrown over his waist

    When on the couch, usually the same as on the bed if we can lay down, and then if not, If we have to sit up I love it when he puts his arm around my shoulders and then I can curl up into a little ball and rest my knees against him, or throwing my legs over his legs.

  • Facing each other with one another's arms around each other with his chin resting on her head( I feel really safe like this) or him laying on his back and the female with her head on his chest and her leg over his.

  • i would have to say the best is when you are mad or something and you lye in between their lags

    • I know right with his arms around you.

  • I like the guy laying on his back and me laying right next to him with my head on his chest. Its nice to have him run his fingers through my hair or rub my back with his hands.

  • When his arms are around your waist and he's pulling you towards him and you're lazily half-sitting and half laying down, with your head on his shoulder... while he's tickling the living daylights out of you.

    Or you both sitting next to each other, his one arm around your waist and you leaning on him sitting up head on his shoulder, and his head resting on yours. You're holding his free hand on your lap, and he hugs you close.

    Or you can sit on him and have him hug you.


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