She gave me her number without me asking?

I was out at a club in my city Friday night.

Here is a bit of a "cool story bro" history lesson but it is important.

Basically Over the course of the past year, I have went from really high confidence down to almost feeling of no value to members of the opposite sex at all, feeling like I don't have any real friends and such.

Basically I am no stranger to feeling ugly, and I am not really...overly experienced with dating...I've had girlfriends, and I can get along with women fine...even flirt, but I've always struggled to really break that barrier between friendship/mutual but un-mentioned interest and just being relaxed with a new relationship/dating.

Plus everyone I meet this year has a boyfriend so I am starting to get rusty on the escalating-flirting game because the gentleman in me simply refuses to be party to infidelity, even if the girl is basically telling me we should sleep together.

Okay, so everyone up to speed on my state of confidence?


Anyway so I was outside this club after closing time, I had sat down against a wall across from it because I just fancied chilling out after a night's partying and drinks. One of my friends (I wasn't with them that night, but it is a small city) saw me and came over to say hi, and sat next to me.

We talked for a while, catching up, but I kept noticing a girl sitting against the same wall with her friends behind my friend, and while I was definitely not sober, I was pretty convinced she was checking me out.

She eventually gestured for me to come over (which with vodka still sloshing on my brain) I did, like I said, I have some confidence issues but I am not a shy social cripple.

We sorta talked (not about anything really, as I guess drunkards do) said I looked like someone she knows...she kept taking my hand and saying how soft they were (um...thanks I guess?) and being in the state I was, again, I didn't mind.

She then gave me her number without asking and we parted ways.

The thing is, I've never had a girl give me her number without asking...because as far as I'm concerned I just ain't the sort of guy who looks good enough to warrant such a come on.

If we had simply did stuff that night (one night stand or something) then it wouldn't have been half as bad...but I've never had a situation where I basically know nothing about someone but their name staring at a phone number in my contact list...I've simply never faced this situation before.

Was she interested or just drunk? interested do you girls need to be before you give a stranger your number without him asking?

She gave me her number without me asking?
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