Is she trying to make me jealous or is she just not into me?

She seems to have been flirting with me all year she smiles at me and tires to make eye contact. She combs and brushes her hair. She has rubbed up against me a couple times. She has even winked at me.

I seen her stalk me a few time too. I overheard talking to her friend once about why they were walking down the hall. She responded sharply with " I Like him". So I walked into the library to do some homework. She walked in and went on a computer. As soon as I left the library she logged out and left too.

Then one night I was at home with my mom just hanging out on my computer doing homework on a Sunday night. My dog had been barking none stop for about an hour. Then I heard the screen door open. It squeak loudly. It was completely dark outside and none of my friends were planning on coming over and when they did they never used that door. I got paranoid and grabbed a kitchen knife. And started walking around my house.

The next day at school I overheard the same girl at school talking about how she had been so scared last night. And something about " He just hang out". And that she was a "dirt girl".She responded by "it was incident".

Their were more incidents like this too.

I like her. We have been acquaintance since 7th grade. But I never said anything to her more than " could I borrow a pencil" or something.

A while ago I started flirting back. Still haven't talked to her but she still flirts. And I saw her friend gasp when I was trying to make eye contact and they said something about " so it isn't just me".

I've overheard heard her talking about someone she calls her " Future Husband".I sounds a lot like me from the description.

Now she has a boyfriend. She seems to be trying to make sure I know she has a boyfriend. When she is with him she tries to act affectionate in public with him and then looks at me. Like she'll hug him in public and try to make sure I see them. Before she had a boyfriend she did the same thing with some of her male friends. She would hug and careless them and them look at me and try to see my reaction. She posts stuff on Facebook of things her " romantic boyfriend" did and also flirt with some of her friends.

She doesn't smile at me anymore or tries not to.

I guess I'm just confused. Is she trying to make me jealous, loose, just isn't in to me, or playing me.

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Is she trying to make me jealous or is she just not into me?
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