Why do men think its ok?

think it's okay to say if a girl is hot or make it clear he's looking at another girl infront of his girlfriend?

Me and my guy talked about it because he was saying he like mariah carey. I told him it doesn't bother me about celebs but normal girls yes as he could easily go with them and its disrespecting me totally.

well one night we go out drinking and he kept asking for a threesome and asking who we could have one with, I'm all up for a laugh and don't mind going along and saying oo yea sure, messing around but when I tell him that no, we won't be having one and make it clear that the fun's over as it's getting to me he still carried on. the next day he said he wouldn't do anything or go with anyone else after I told him he'd gone to far. he said he didn't realise he'd gone to far.

well we fell out the other day (long story but not 2 do with girls, just he has a few things needed to be sorted and he was forgetting me, not texting or calling or answering my calls - this was going on for just over a week!) I said I wanted to cool it with him until he sorts himself out. we all go out drink that same day, and he ignores me at the start and is staring at this girl, he then goes up to her and says something then walks off. to which I went up and said to him 'gotten over me quick have you' and he replied 'don't be stupid'. he then stopped flirting and looking at other girls, yet carried on not talking to me, it wasn't until an hour later did he start talking to me properly, acting normal with me, joking and messing like we did when we we're together. well, I had to go back to his as I was taking his brother, my cuzn and him home. he told me I was staying and when I asked him why he wanted me to stay he said 'because I like you', and all on the way back in the car he was telling me 'i love ya 2 bits' over and over.

Well we talked 2day online and I told him that it makes ya feel ugly and small and its disrespectful to flirt and look at others when your girls in the room (even though we wern't offically 2getha at that point) and he said 'if you put it like that then it was wrong,sorry x'

well we're basically back together, after our fall out. I just want to know why guys think its okay to use other girls to get back at their own or think its okay to look even though their with someone.

was him flirting with this girl a cheap way at getting me to admit I didn't want to cool it with him yet and a way for him to test my feelings, or was it him showing if I didn't want him he could get easily get someone else.
Why do men think its ok?
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