Does she still love and care about me?

My ex girlfriend of 9 years broke up with me 8 months ago because I had chosen to focus more on med school. She couldn't understand the pressures I had and how much more of a commitment I had to make towards academics but I always reassured her that I still loved her and that I can only do what I can considering my situation. I also told her that I would understand if she did not want to be with me since it might not be fair for her to keep putting more into the relationship while I could not do as much because of school. (keep in mind, she also was doing her first year of med school and we lived 2.5 hours away from each other based on plane ride). After 2 months had passed from the break up she asked me if I wanted her back and I told her that I was too heartbroken by what she did since I REALLY didn't expect her to break up with me - I thought she would've considered all the things we had been through in 9 years and also have the consideration of my academic commitment as she was in med school too and should understand. I told her to try to move on and that I would try to get through my schooling and grieving on my own. She contacted me one last time a month after that, and asked me again, if I wanted her back - she still loved me and thought she made a mistake. I told her that I needed more time to think things through and that I still loved her but was still hurt. She asked how much time, and I told her I didn't know. The next day after that, I called her and told her I was ready to get back with her because I thought hard about it. She was confused and told me that she thought I was adament about not wanting to get back so quick. She then told me she would think about it and would give me her answer. A week passed and she told me that she had moved on and could not be with me because I caused her so much grief and pain by ignoring her and choosing to focus on school and my career.

I have been confused since because of the rapid turn around with her decision when she was literally asking me back one day and the next day not so excited about my decision to take her back. She has been ignoring my calls, texts and emails, but sometimes will rarely respond to my texts and would tell me that she "wants her space and asks that I respect that and that she is still very angry with me". This has been going on for 2 to 3 months now. Even though she is ignoring me, she knows I still talk to her cousin (we are friends and it was her cousin who actually introduced us to each other) but asks her cousin about me and how I am doing.

Does she still care about me even though she ignores me and rarely responds? If she wonders about me, why not ask me directly rather than go to her cousin. I can't understand how 9 years can be ignored and think that she doesn't love me or have feelings for me anymore. She isn't giving me answers. I still love the girl and want to be with her. How do I get her back? Any expert opinions? Thanks group, I appreciate your help.
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any opinions from the ladies' perspective? I'm sorry my story isn't saucy haha
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I've moved on from her. Thank you guys for all you're advice and words of encouragement. I'm focusing on my career and looking forward. With that being said, anyone wanna marry a future doctor? ha ha j/k :p
Does she still love and care about me?
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