Girls, being playful vs being playfully mean?

This girl that I kinda like is the shy type but she will open up after getting to know people, the thing is that I've known her for a while and she still seems quiet and nervous with me. She is usually playful to guys she knows, she talks and jokes and laughs with them and seems very relaxed. When I talk to her she is still "playful" but she is a bit on the "mean" side (I don't really mind it) but its just the way we interact, we are still playing but she doesn't smile that much and she tries to make everything she says seem serious. If I ask her why she is being mean to me she will say "why are you annoying to me?" and things like that. She also has a tendency to shush me when we argue, I ask her "what happened to freedom of speech?" and she will say "I just added a new amendment so I can tell you to be quiet" and things like that, I know she is joking, but she makes it sound "serious" its a lot of fun but I want to know, what's the difference between playful and playfully mean? I've never heard her be like that to anybody else, she is actually pretty nice.
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Thanks for all the answers! I saw her a couple of days ago and, well, she was way too nice and smiling and giggling at everything I said, which is odd since I usually have a hard time making her laugh, we'll see what happens
Girls, being playful vs being playfully mean?
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