If a girl doesn't respond to your text...

Hey guys, if a girl doesn't respond to the text you send her one day, do you text her again the next day? Or maybe again later that night?

I'm interested in this guy but I think he's got too comfortable with our hanging out / dating situation. He's just not trying hard at all and I want him to step up his game. So my friend said I need to play hard to get so he misses me. I always respond to his messages. Well, tonight, he texted me and asked what I'm up to and I'm tempted to completely ignore him. Is this a good idea? Or should I just wait a few hours and respond? Obviously, I'm not really good at this.
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Wow, thanks for all the responses! I followed all of the advice and texted him. The initial conversation was bland and died down but I didn't give up and it actually turned out to be the best conversation we've ever had via text.. It became very flirty and ended really well. I'm happy... and I'm going to think positive.
If a girl doesn't respond to your text...
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