Does he know I exist?

He looks quiet, not the loud type, but his friends do look a bit as if they were. I don't know if he knows I exist. I've been told his fb has over 1000 friends and it's on public view. (so.. he most probably isn't the shy type). Ever since last year we had courses together and he would look at me for a little while when he came to class but when I see him he would turn around immediately. in public, he doesn't notice I'm around. Once he touched me by accident and quickly apologized. But the only thing that happened that got me thinking about him was once when we were alone down the stairs and we made eye contact for more than 10 sec. Once also, I was talking to a friend and I was saying something about a teacher I loved but I hated now, and the guy was passing by and he stared at me with crooked lips. Another day, I was talking to his friend, and he waited a bit as we talked and then he barged in the convo and they started talking about sth different so I felt left out and left. Does he know I exist? Like me perhaps? I don't wanna talk to him if there are no chances, if he's not the shy type then he's most probably the player type -.-... Any ideas? Guys seem to do that a lot to me, check me out and then ignore I’m alive. (no idea if this is the case with him though)
Does he know I exist?
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