If she stood me up why is she still texting me?

Confused very confused

Long story short. Me and this girl wer going out for about a month. We had sex and stuff. She wanted a relationship and I still needed time (meaning I do want one but not yet). Basicly she still flirted with me and stuff but every time I asked her out she would say she is busy and such or stand me up. She stood me up once and I was like w.e. And just didn't text her or call her anymore. I felt I was doing all the work to ask her out. Then 2 weeks later she texts me saying how I am doing and wanting to know what I'm doing for new years and acting all flirtasious. I was nice to her but I wasn't flirty and responded to her text every 2 hours or so like she did to me. However this time she instantly texted me back. She text me the next day telling me she got a new number and texted it to me. I wished her a merry Christmas, she did the same and I ahvent spoken since Saturday.

Whats her game?. Thing is I really like her but I hate this immature act she is doing. Like when I thought she lost interest I moved on and started dating other people and then she does this. It sucks because now I'm in a position where I kinda want to wait for her. ughhh please help :(
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thank you all. I do like her but got mad when she agreed to a date and didn't even call to cancel :S. I do like her a lot but her immaturity is really a turn off. This is why I don't want to jump into a relationship. I need to know a person
If she stood me up why is she still texting me?
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