Girls-What are signs that you want a guy to ask you out on a date?

So I work with a girl who is an absolute 10/10. She is tall beautiful and actually has a great personality. She and I have similar music tastes, she has a good sense of humor and in general its refreshing to find a girl that is that attractive both physically and mentally.

Well what I described is awesome, but I am a complete spazz when it comes to women. I over think most things due to my lack of dating experience, and the fact that I work with this girl makes me more cautious of making a fool of myself.

Her and I talk, exchange emails, and I'm during work, not everyday but one or the other most. My problem is trying to figure out whether she is into me more than just on a friendly basis.

There are some things that make me think yes, but I don't want to blow them out of proportion because I don't want to get ahead of myself. On the other hand, I have had women tell me that they wanted me to ask them out well after I missed the opportunity because I'm dense when it comes to seeing the signals women put off.

Some of the things that make me think I have a shot are:

When we interact one on one she usually laughs at most of what I say, the conversations are almost completely random, have almost no rhyme or reason but carry on for 5-10 min. Yesterday she was also very relaxed, leaning up against the wall while we talked.

A lot of the time when we interact on a one on one level she also will act goofy or quirky.

She has invited me to a concert once, but it was with another coworker and her husband. I couldn't attend due to a scheduling conflict, but I never was sure it was more than a friendly invite.

I feel that I've caught her staring at me as I passed by, but I know my eyes wander around as I walk too.

Most recently her and I were exchanging emails in a very humorous way and the topic got onto how she likes aquariums. I then sent her a link to a new aquarium that recently opened in our city and asked if she had checked it out. Her response was "I forget that was open. I really want to go sometime."

As soon as I saw that I wasn't sure if this was just a casual response or a hint to me saying "I want to go here, so ask me to go here."

Like I said I don't want to get ahead of myself but I don't want to miss an opportunity. She invited me to lunch with her and another female coworker for tomorrow, so she seems to like my company somewhat. I just would like some more assurance that she's interested before making a move and embarrassing myself.
Girls-What are signs that you want a guy to ask you out on a date?
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