Why do I only attract players and "bad boys"?!! HELP!

I'm getting tired of players and bad boys who are so conceited and in love with themselves. I want to date normal nice guys but they never seem to like me. And please don't say that I'm only attracted to players, or the nice guys aren't always as hot because I know that. I've asked my guy friends and they've said I have the looks, body, and personality that players go for. Not trying to sound conceited or stuck up (I'm Italian and South Korean, people have told me I'm gorgeous, I'm thin, have B cups, tiny waist, a huge butt, six pack abs, dancer legs, am loud, outgoing, sassy, and feisty). So please tell me what I'm doing wrong or how to attract nice guys. Also I'm scared of going up to guys and asking them out.
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Just to establish something that whole jersey shore thing was a joke from 6th grade. And it's not in reference to being a "party girl" at all it was meant in the fact that I'm really nice and sweet to my friends but if you are a downright nasty person ill be a bitch to you.
Why do I only attract players and "bad boys"?!! HELP!
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