Why is it considered unacceptable for men to prefer masculine women?

First, let me clarify, by "masculine women" I mean tomboys, androgynous women, genderqueer of female birth, and other women who don't fit the feminine mold. I do NOT mean women who look like Chaz Bono (although if someone is attracted to them, more power to them). Physically, I'm attracted to the whole spectrum, but I prefer more boyish women, and I've found that they make the best girlfriends for someone like me. To give an idea of what I find attractive, here's Erika Linder being silly.


But what bothers me is that women are allowed to have different tastes, some like big beefy "macho men", and others like pretty and feminine men. But men are all supposed to prefer Pamela Anderson (or, for you younger people, Megan Fox) or else they're suspected of being gay in the closet (yet a gay man who likes femme gay men is never suspected of being straight in the closet). Either that or he's stereotyped as being "the girl" so to speak. But I'm a huge guy who looks like a big burly pioneer woodsman from the 1800s, and there's nothing feminine about my personality (unless being a musician is considered "feminine"), and I do microwave experiments that even freak out the biggest daredevils.

So basically, why the double standard? Why is it that women can have varied taste in men, but it's only acceptable for men to like one type of woman?
Why is it considered unacceptable for men to prefer masculine women?
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