Is it wrong in the modern age to prefer "masculine" men?

Now, before anyone starts spurting a period-fountain: I'm not talking about traditional masculinity in the sense of being a provider or being unemotional - though I naturally prefer less emotional people as a whole, regardless of gender. I'm talking about typical masculine traits, like strength, liking sports - you know, just having a more "male" mentality.

For me personally, I have always been attracted to men's-men. Guys who aren't afraid of physical labour, getting dirty, yelling when their team scores, and being physically protective over me. I love a guy who can fix stuff around the house and explain to me how cars and shit work. It's just my preference. However, this age has given birth to less-defined individuals who are perhaps more fluid in what they consider masculine and feminine.

I. E. Guys who like to wear thongs, dress in women's clothing occasionally, who want to be extremely submissive (not that this is inherently female, but it's more common) etc. There's also many more guys out there who are very emotional and sensitive, you get the gist.

While I have no issues with these men personally, I am not attracted to them in the slightest. I'm turned off by guys who are super sensitive, submissive, who wanna dress in women's underwear lol. However, this has been a problem for a few people because I'm apparently enforcing a "toxic" idea of masculinity.

So, I want the internet to weigh in: Am I a hypocrite? Am I wrong for feeling this way? How do you feel about concepts of masculinity?
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For people asking why I'm a hypocrite: it would be because my personality isn't what most people consider traditionally feminine. However, I am traditionally feminine in many ways, from how I present myself, to having a nurturing side and desire to care for my man, etc.
Is it wrong in the modern age to prefer "masculine" men?
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