What to say when a guy asks, "What do you want from me?" HELP!

So I have this guy friend who I like and its obvious he likes me but we never hang out, he's invited me over to "have a beer with the guys" a few times but I haven't been able to..and would feel kinda weird just showing up like HEY! even though I know the guys too. He's said relationships aren't for him right now, that its too much trouble which is okay with me I'm fine with being friends and if something happens it happens! Lately when we talk we've gotten to where we know A LOT about each other, more than before...we were talking about something and he said that things wouldn't happen between us because we never see each other. I said true but its not my fault and he agreed with me. He then went to say that he doesn't like to work for things...kinda confuses me but whatever. I told him that he kills me! He replied back with a text asking WHY and then said, "What do you want from me?"

What am I supposed to say to him so he won't think I wanna marry him and scare him or make him think I'm in love with him? I'm fine with being friends but if he likes me why doesn't he ask me out on a date...unless he's scared because of the FRIEND ZONE? I'll be friends with him no matter what happens...I like to be an honest person but I don't know how to answer him without scaring him or just making him think I want him soooo bad!


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  • Did you stop to think about how confused he must be? "You kill me!"

    What does that mean?

    This conversation sounds like either a phone call or texting means (also by the fact that you never see each other), which probably means he doesn't know your tone and you don't know his. CONFUSING!

    If you're close enough to him he should probably understand if you started out answering the question with what you just said:" I don't want to scare you or make you think I'm obsessed, I'd be your friend either way, but if you like me, why don't you ask me out on a date, a REAL date, not to your house to drink beers?"

    Be honest and make it clear what it actually is that you want!

    • Lol I said you kill me because of the way he looks at things and feels about things and then sometimes contradicts them, I think understanding what each other wants wise...he's more confusing than I am because he knows that I'm open to things and that I like going with the flow of whatever happens. He knows I'm not looking for a relationship but if one comes up I'm open to it...he on the other hand says no no no and yet in so many ways it seems like we are in one lol without the actual hanging out UGH!

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  • Wow wow wow! This is my life story LOL! I went through it first hand! Guys who don't want to work for a relationship aren't worth it! You need someone devoted to you, who cares and appreciates you, asmuch as you do them! The guy I liked freshman year of highschool did the same thing to me said he liked me lead me on then said it wasn't going to work because it was too much effort and when I got upset he asked me what I wanted him to do! As if it was out of his controll! All I have to say is drop him! He sounds like an asshole! Believe me as soon as I lost interest he started putting in the work trying to get me back but at that point I was just fully repulsed by his lazyness! I still am to this day! Seriously he isn't worth it!

  • Has he told you .. that he likes you OR you are assuming it ?

    I think ... if I were in your place I would talk to him about my feelings towards him . tell you everythin I have about him , AND then leave the rests in his hands. Look. I do know that many girls won't do this. simply becasue they don't want to turn out desperate for the guy . but look at the positive side. If You express yourself to him. At least he knows ... you want him. I am sure it will ring in his mind. AND think about it.

    whether you get him or not. just at least you will have the satisfaction of telling him WHAT YOU REALLY WANT FROM HIM ? I am sure he is your gud frnd . he will surely understand you. :)

    • No he's told me he's attracted to me and we talk evvvvvvvvvvvvvery day, he'll even msg me when he's with his friends..more so lately than ever. I'm someone who can talk about anything and everything with most people and not be afraid, but when it comes to this! I sent him a msg before I asked this question and said that I don't know and lol that I should really be the one asking that ? and he replied later on with, "um I think I asked you first." *sighs*

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