Is Japanese/Korean cuisine really that good or is it just a bandwagon effect (or the marketing)?


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I respect every country's uniqueness but there are still a lot of influences and similarities that still can be pointed out which is what I'll be talking about meaning there are going to be small comparisons.

I'm not saying Japanese/Korean food is bad. They're both good their own ways. I can't decide which is better and those actually are 2 of my favorite Asian cuisine because of it's own distinctive taste and it's so umami but I realized how little the ingredients are but some being rare to other countries. (Like sashimi for example being just raw salmon by itself or food like Gyudon, Terriyaki, Yakiniku, Samgyeopsal, Bibimbap, etc) they taste quite similar with a little difference. Mostly ginger, sesame, soy and message is what you taste in their cuisine. But I'm not saying it's bad. They're just cooked nicely. There are exceptions like Ramen or other noodle soups being so hustle to make. Our cuisine (Philippines) is considered "much worse" compared to our neighboring Asian countries according to CNN because our ingredients are so few.,alien%20and%20too%20%E2%80%9Cbland.%E2%80%9D It's because we are so far from India with a huge ocean separating our archipelago from them unlike Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam or Etc. having so many herbs and spices and because we don't use that much spices in our cooking is what make them say it's taste "basic" despite having a lot of Chinese ingredients and cooking method used (And Chinese cuisine is a popular Asian cuisine as well but I understand why and Taiwanese and Mongolian is quite close to Chinese cuisine) also because we're much closer to China and Taiwan compared to the rest aside from the mainland SEA countries of course.

Is Japanese/Korean cuisine really that good or is it just a bandwagon effect (or the marketing)?

In other words, our Cuisine is bad because we're just compared to our neighboring countries. But really it would be more like comparing Chinese and Indian Cuisine. They're not comparable and both are good their own ways. But I still admit the others taste better IN MY OPINION or it's because maybe I'm so used to our food that it feels mainstream. It's just that our country is no where near as popular as Japan or Korea which is why our food is also obscured. So it made me think, I guess it's the bandwagon effect because K Pop and Anime had been promoting their culture. So what made me compare our country's cuisine to Japan's is someone in quora surprisingly pointed out the similarity which is what made me just realize

and really the first result in this google search. (That whole link is just one link)

And also I just like to point out that Japanese and Korean cuisines also have similarities also because their pop culture got people hyped. So if we have a quite a similar reason, does it mean the bandwagon effect only made their's popular?

Is Japanese/Korean cuisine really that good or is it just a bandwagon effect (or the marketing)?
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