Really protective boyfriend?

So my boyfriend has been getting really protective. He hates whenever I go out with my friends, and gets scared every time I talk to or mention a guy. Even when he knows I'm just friends with the guy.
Wherever we go he gets angry. If I look at a stranger or we make eye contact I try and make an appoint to smile, so hen people slime beach he freaks out. But he only does this with other men, it's crazy.
Now he's even getting crazy about what I wear. I'm skinny but have pretty big boobs, and he told me he liked that about me. But now whenever we go somewhere ( even if I've worn it out before) he always asks if that's what I'm going to wear. And always asks if I want to wear his jacket to " cover up more". But I'm not even showing a lot of skin I'm just wearing a semi form fitting shirt.
I used to be really shy when we met but he's helped my come out of my shell a little bit, and I think that's the reason he's really protective. Is everyone else this protective with their girlfriend? Am I just over reacting? Have you done this to a girl?
Really protective boyfriend?
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