How do I make my boyfriend more protective?

Hi guys. So there was a similar question like this on this website but with disappointing responses. My boyfriend is very masculine, he's an alpha male and it's so sexy. However I am a pretty attractive girl and when we go out and I get hit on, he doesn't even care about it. I love that this means he's secure but it makes me feel a little... unappreciated? Kinda like I'm left on my own? The previous thread suggested horrible manipulative things to make a boyfriend more protective by making him jealous, telling him you are going out with your guy friends, drop hints that there's a guy friend who wants to sleep with you, etc... But all that is so immature and I will never want to manipulate him and build up insecurities for him, let alone make him jealous! No, I deeply respect this guy. However I really just want to feel like I finally have someone to protect me from unwanted attention, at least at bars or clubs. I can definitely handle it on my own, but it would feel nice if he showed some form of protective care. My ego is way too big to tell him 'I want you to be more protective of me', coz that's so lame and pretty archaic, plus over-protective guys are a turn off. How do I go about this? What are the things I can do to invoke some of his so called 'protective instinct'? I just want to feel a little more warmth and security.
How do I make my boyfriend more protective?
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