Where can guys meet nice girls?

I mean nice as in innocent, who wouldn't think of having a one night stand and who are in general friendly and easy to get along with. The girls I'm finding instead all seem either slutty, disloyal or are more just looking for a night of fun, rather then anything else. I'm not looking for a one night stand, but for something along the lines of a relationship. But it seems that it is hard to find nice girls when the only places to go on the weekends are clubs.

So where would a good place to meet nice girls be?

Some other questions along this line have said youth group or church, but I'm not really a religious person and I wouldn't want to pretend to be something I'm not.
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Ok so you think that I can meet a nice girl if I spend time in coffee shops, the library, the park or doing charity work.
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What advice would you give me about approaching girls in these place, as while I'm confident, I doubt I would know how to start a conversation with her, seeing as we would be strangers.
Where can guys meet nice girls?
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