So... Where can guys meet girls?

I've been perusing the site and I've noticed an abundance of guys who seem to NOT be able to meet girls (please refer to my Takes), but for some reason (and i dont get why) cannot seem to be able to make a move.
My answer to that is that we meet girls everywhere, they are literally everywhere, all you have to do is approach one. Now, that is where things get complicated.
There are places though where singles meet singles... but all those places seem to have died out. So... asking for my fellow guys... where can you meet girls willing to date?

Disclaimer: This is limited to USA, I've heard that these places still exist in other countries but its dead in most states here.. figured i would ask. Are there any places left? (i like church lol)

i was going to add a personal story but i won't... this question is for my fellas that are ACTUALLY trying... I've got a system, its a go-get-her. so... have at it. Let the fellas know.
So... Where can guys meet girls?
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