Controlling girlfriend who instigates arguments, what to do?


I've been in my current relationship with my girlfriend for nearly 6 months and am starting to see a huge problem and pattern everytime we have an argument. Regardless if the argument has anything to do with me or her or anything in general she is always in the right and will blame me for it.
When this happens she will go on the defensive and accuse me of attacking her when I'm simply defending myself. With all this she then makes it my problem, ignores me, tells me I have issues in our relationship and basically makes me feel like crap.

i am in my early 30s and she is in her mid 20s, like all relationships we have our good times but when it's bad it's bad! I find her a little controlling and an emotional bully at times but when I stand up to her she gets very upset and turns the tables back onto me accusing me of being rude, aggressive and controlling.

Sometimes I actually think she does it all on purpose even if she knows she's in the wrong she still makes it out to be my problem. Nearly every argument we have had ends up with it being my fault and that I'm the one with all the issues not her.

i love her but am starting to get tired of this behaviour. I'm not sure if she is stable to be in a relationship or is just starting all these arguments so I can get sick and tired of her and break up with her, she has threatened me in arguments before that she's done with this relationship and she can't be with someone who attacks her when I believe she is the one who does all the attacking most of the time.

i find this behaviour as immature and question myseif why she has to always be right and when we have a argument she goes all cold, distant and changes her behaviour dramatically towards me, but the real concern is that it's always my fault and im the one with the problem when I know it's clearly not me with the issue.

The same pattern always occurs and im seriously getting over it. I have spoken to her about this but nothing seems to work, everything is ok for 2-3 days and then the same issues resurface.
Controlling girlfriend who instigates arguments, what to do?
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