Would you say that a girl's gut reaction about a guy liking her is normally pretty accurate?

I've read studies about how women are generally almost twice as more tuned in to body language than men. Men of course can pick up on things and have "gut reactions", but it seems like women are frequently more accurate (i.e. men seem more likely to think a woman being friendly is flirtation than a woman seeing a man being friendly as flirtation).

In the past, when I have thought a guy liked me, I have had a gut reaction. I always doubt it though, and since I seem to attract guys who aren't necessarily shy, but shy enough that they play the "ignore" game (which now I know is more of a sign) or try to act cool and just have trouble making a move... its been hard for me. I usually end up just saying "whatever" and treating him completely normal... maybe even not giving him much attention.

And wouldn't you know it? Shortly after I make that decision and lose interest, its so obvious to me that, yeah, he totally likes me. Just when I'm interested, I get scared and doubt myself.

Right now, for example, I like a guy who is older than me. He's shown more gentlemanly signs of interest like doing favors for me, being a bit protective of me, leading me with his hand on the small of my back, etc. But on occasion, like when he's working and his coworkers are around, he holds back and tries to act cool or aloof or tries to ignore me. But when they're gone, he is friendly.

That was confusing in itself. And then when I saw him wearing a silver band on his ring finger (after 3 months of knowing him and it never having been there before), I got more confused. My friends, who are great and protective friends and always tell me immediately when they think I'm being stupid with a guy. They always tell me that I'm very pretty... and a bit naive... so they don't want me to end up with someone who isn't good for me. But they don't think he's actually married, or if he is its not going well (he works constantly, overtime when he doesn't need to).

I really like him though. I'm afraid of giving up on him and then finding out that he just wears rings sometimes and that he really does like me like my gut says.

So basically, I'm asking what your experiences are. What about you other girls? Do you think your gut reaction has normally been correct? And what do guys think? Do girls seem to know what is going on?

Many times human behavior seems to defy logic...and emotions are hard to trust... but what about the gut?
Would you say that a girl's gut reaction about a guy liking her is normally pretty accurate?
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