Do other girls here like boys with big round butts?

Hi I'm Taylor Belvin and I like big butts and I cannot lie (sorry, had to do that).

There is this cute freshman at my school and he has the most biggest ( jiggly, bubbly) butt iv ever seen. It even looked feminine because he had a small waist, shoulders, and torso, but thick thighs and a big butt, and no facial hair. My friends see me as weird for liking a boy with booty. I sit behind him in class and every time his butt crack would show (like every day), I just go crazy and just try and touch his butt without him noticing.
I hear from both the guys and girls comments on his butt like "big booty boi" or "white phatty".
He gets embarrassed because of his big butt and tries to always cover it. One time he turned red after trying to cover his big butt and a group of girls went close to him in the hallway and not only pulling up his shirt, but also did stuff like gropping it , slapping it, grabbing it, omg they even pulled down his pants to see it, all at once. He ended up laughing afterwards.
Any way am I the only one like this?
Do other girls here like boys with big round butts?
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