Why dont women care when men get hurt?

I know that's generalizing, but it still seems true to me! There are so many questions about kicking a guy in the nuts on here, and I know they were asked by a troll, but I find some of the answers girls give just shocking! Here's a prank video where the dude and a girl play a prank on the girls girlfriend, and she just knees him right in the nuts:

Can someone explain to me why kneeing a guy in the crotch like that is any better than punching a woman in the stomach? And why it shocks you so little that you can laugh about it? Its just as dangerous and more painful than a really hard punch in the stomach.
Imagine the roles were reversed. How fucked up that would be. So WHY DO YOU LAUGH?
Would you laugh if you saw your male friend get floored like that, in obvious pain? Would you sincerely feel bad, or just say you do?

It's a sincere question. It makes me feel like shit that girls think its ok to hurt men and laugh at their reaction. And that it seems to be so normal that we dont even realize it. I'm sick of constantly seeing that on tv and movies too.
Why dont women care when men get hurt?
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