Catching a girl looking at me - what does this mean?

OK, so there's this cute girl that I've noticed at school and she's usually sitting with her friends in the main break room during their breaks between classes. I don't have any classes with her but I notice she is there every time I pass by one my way to another class (I'm in college). Sometimes I will have a seat and do homework while waiting for class and sometimes I catch her looking at me and she catches me, this has happens when I am just passing by as well.

The other day I was doing homework before class, I was facing forward and she was at a table on the other side of the room along the side where all the windows are. She went from facing the windows to basically facing me, the looking game went on this whole time.

Just today I took a seat two tables from her (She was alone) as I waited for my ride home. It was night time and the windows are tinted on the outside so I (Along with everyone else) had a perfect view of everything going on behind and to both sides of them. Thing is I noticed her staring right at me several times, I could tell by glancing at the reflection in the window.

Uhhh? I must confess that I have next to no experience with the ladies, embarrassing I know. So any input would be appreciated. Thanks.


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  • she's looking at you for a reason: she wants to get your attention!

    she obviously thinks you're attractive, or she's intrigued by you somehow, so she's using her time to stare at you so you'll notice her back (which you have, so it worked, right?)

    now, this staring game is her way of saying, "hey, I think you're attractive, but I'm shy and I don't want to make the first move, so come over here and talk to me!"

    believe me, I would know from experience.

    so, this is what you do

    1. be confident, cause she wouldn't be staring at you if she doesn't feel any attraction towards you

    2. SMILE at her when you make eye contact, make sure she knows you're not just glancing past her, let her know that you're intentionally smiling at HER. (just don't make it creepy)

    3. Say "hi" to her. you can do his while passing, but what would be ideal is to go up to her one day while she's sitting there alone, and say, "Hi, do you mind if I sit down with you?" and then strike up a casual conversation (but make sure she's not too busy with her work, cause even if she really likes you she might just be trying to get some homework done)

    basically, have confidence and get the courage to talk to her, I'm sure she'd be ecstatic to talk to you! good luck!


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  • Dude she is either interested or she thinks you are interesting.

    I usually stare at guys I dig, but I also stare at interesting fellows, like thisine guy who looked like an animei character, it was awesome :)

  • A girl at school sometimes look at me and sat on the last bench towards my corner seat and keep watching me and one day she call up my name and sit on my bench so what can we do now sometimes his friend also look at me


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  • Hey Technix,

    Yes, if she's looking at you that much she's into you - I don't know why (I'll leave you to figure that out). What you want to do is ask her out on a date i.e. make your move. Don't just keep looking back at her or noticing that she's looking at you. Great... but that doesn't lead to anything. You don't have experience? Well, now's the time to get it. Here's how:

    How do you ask a woman out on a first date? -> link

    Is confidence sexy? -> link

    Avoiding the “Friend Zone” by Making a Move! -> link


    - Evan