How to handle your girlfriend when she gets snappy?

I’m definitely an Alpha male kind of guy. I don’t take sh*t from people, but at the same time take jokes for what they are. When people disrespect me, I let them know it’s not OK usually in a stern, but controlled & polite way. My new girlfriend is interesting… she has a bit of a temper and I don’t like it. Something will go wrong and she’ll get snappy. I’m not sure what the best way to handle it is. I always took my role as the protector to a girl and not to get too aggressive with them. In my past, I usually tried to be super nice and discuss small problems. However, this doesn’t work with my new (6months) girlfriend & she gets my blood pumping.

Many times it has gotten to the point where I’ve raised (booming yell is more like it) my voice at her. She shuts right up like magic every time! Not only that, but she usually apologizes and moves on very quickly. It’s like she’s looking for me to put her in her place…

If I try to discuss things in nice way, she gets even more riled up. She’ll bring it up later and the cycle will continue until I get angry. The only other thing that seems to work is if I completely ignore her when she starts snapping… I’m not passive aggressive and that’s not my style.

What to do?

How to handle your girlfriend when she gets snappy?
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