How can I stop being insecure about my height?

Ok I'm gonna try and say this without sounding big headed, or like a woman lol.

I'm very smart , talented, funny, sweet (I'm not Mr Nice Guy or anything though), romantic when given the chance. All my girl friends say I have a golden personality and I am an amazing guy. I have such great friends too. I'm also a very hard worker and very ambitious. I'm currently at university studying to become an architect and working at the same time to build up for my future. And if given the opportunity later on in life I would also like to be a pilot. I also love art. I spend my days painting and drawing and modelling cityscapes. I would also like to add that I am much more mature than most of my friends my age.

Education-wise, personality-wise, family-wise and friends-wise I am very happy with my life. But dating, now that's a completely different matter. No matter how happy I am with those aspects of my life, dating has always been a disaster for me.

Despite all those things going on in my life that I have mentioned above, I have had no success with girls. That's probably why I'm more mature than my friends. They have no problems getting girls so they just wanna go out and have fun instead of getting into relationships. I just decided to work on being the best guy I can be. The thing is, I'm not the best looking guy out there. And to make things worse, I'm a really short guy. I'm only 5'4''. I've been rejected by girls for being too short before. Even girls shorter than me want tall guys.

I can't help but feel insecure. I feel as if I'm not good enough for any girls out there because of my lack of height and my average looks. It's a known fact that short guys will almost, if not always, get overlooked because of their height. Something that cannot be controlled. And I'm 21 now so I know that I will not grow anymore. I don't care so much about my looks because even guys that aren't that attractive can still get great girls if they have good personalities. But no matter how good my personality is, or how ambitious I am or whatever, my height is stopping me from dating a single girl.

And I'm not the kinda guy who goes round looking for sex or flings or one night stands or anything. I have always preferred long-term relationships. So what am I supposed to do? And please don't say that girls can overlook height if a guy has a great personality because it's not true (at least 90% of the time it's not true). Height is the one thing that a girl always looks for in a guy. Being short/shorter than the girl has always been a deal-breaker for women.

Sorry for sounding rude there, I just know what is holding me back from dating. It's such a shame because I know I have so much to offer and I know my worth when it comes to everything else, except dating.
How can I stop being insecure about my height?
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