What do you think of girls with a daddy kink?

I don't like it when people call it a daddy issue, I have a grate, healthy, natural relationship with my father, this has nothing to do with him at all.

I don't like acting like a little girl I think thats creepy but I've always liked the idea of having a relationship with a dominant male, who looks after, teaches and disciplines me. It really turns me on when a man can take total control. I find it hard making decision for myself this doesn't mean I'm not independent but I prefer the idea of a man to give me the guidance.

I also like soft teddies and blankets and girly pink things but it's never been for sexual reasons, it's more of a comfortable, relaxing fun thing.

It really turns me on when guys are naturing with me. I'm a virgin and never had a boyfriend but I really like cuddles and soft kisses. I want a man whos going to treat me like his little princess.

I definitely have the look down just naturally. Im very pretty and petite. I'm 5ft with long blonde curly hair, soft, fair skin, big blue dolly eyes and small pouted lips. Some of male friends have made this assumption about me and made crude jokes and it's made be feel comfortable and ashamed of it as if I can't express myself sexually without being shamed for it.
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This video explains it more. I find the girls in the PJs creepy and weird but the couple I can relate to more they seem more mature about it
What do you think of girls with a daddy kink?
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