I'm absolutely disgusted and sick and tired of seeing females do this?

So many times on here I've seen it and I've been a victim of it as well.

Some men do it, but I see more females do it than anything.

Blaming the victim of being raped.

It's not the victims fault. Could things have been different leading up to the crime? Probably. But it's never the victims fault. The person who commits the crime is at fault for not being able to control themselves. It doesn't matter if she's wearing a shirt dress or skirt, or if she's black out drunk. YOU DONT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HER!

We already have enough hate and so many problems with sexism in this world that we don't need to add more problems. I have been raped and the only thing that makes matters worse is when people say, "well what were you wearing?" Or "were you drunk?" Or "well you shouldn't have done that."

The victim shouldn't be blamed for having been assaulted, especially when the victim is in an unconscious state of being. Seriously, men and woman, why in your head would it ever be ok to blame the victim?

It should NEVER EVER be ok to blame anyone for something that happened to them, unless of course they do it to themselves, like self harm or something like that. (Probably a bad example but you get my point.)

So, this question stems from a post I saw today and one girl commented, I'm not going to copy the whole thing but her first statement was this, "that was very irresponsible and you make all other females look bad."

Then she went Into blaming the question poster and I said, "the only one making females look bad right now is you."

Girls, we need to stick together, we have to be strong with another or all the work that we've done and that all other female activists have done will go to shit.

I don't want my kids to grow up in a society like this.

I think it is very wrong to blame the victim. It doesn't make matters better.
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Where are the girls? Like guys don't understand at all. The only guy who's actually said something insightful was @Tyffen
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And I just came across a girl who said, "I've no sympathy for a girl walking at night in a dodgy area."
I'm absolutely disgusted and sick and tired of seeing females do this?
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