Why do hot girls date ugly guys?

So I have been wondering this for years and I don't the answer to this.

Everytime I go on Facebook or on any other social medias. I am seeing very good attractive women dating some ugly guys. Now, I wouldn't say I am a very attractive person, but I do know that I am far from being ugly. While these guys are not fat or nerds, I still think I'm better looking than most of these guys. (Sorry for sounding cocky). I've been single for four going on five years. But it really gets on my nerves that these women saying I that there are attractive to me, but will date guy who is way out of their league. While most of these girl are out of my league, it stills pisses me off how these ugly dudes date them.

I have seen people ask or talk about this. Is it jealously or do girls hate no taste in guys?
Why do hot girls date ugly guys?
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