Could this girl be offended I liked her being that she was hot and I’m just average?

a very traumatic thing happen two years ago In a rejection and I was reading a little bit ago that certain girls will lash out and be pissed off if they are really attractive and a. Average looking guy likes them and this fits the bill because I will post the full story down below but her words to me were “you thought you could get me” side now this is why I no longer approach and I don’t even look at attractive women in passing anymore I just look down at the ground.
I saw a girl who I stopped talking to that I used to work with. When we worked together I developed a crush on her and always found reasons to be near her practically everyone in the store knew I liked her. So one day I put my nerves aside and told her how I felt which she replied she didn’t have feelings like that for me that I reminded her too much of her best friend cause he was also biracial. So I just hung my head and tried to avoid her well she ended up going to everyone in the store asking why I was avoiding her and what she did wrong. Eventually we started talking again and she ended up coming over to my house she told me twice that she felt it was meant for her to be in my life. In that moment my heart felt love I kinda wish that she wouldn’t have said that cause that allowed me to let my love for her completely out. But days later she gave me a ride home and told me she wouldn’t date me if I was the last guy on earth. She actually wanted me to give her contact information to another guy we work with and she told me all the things sexually she wanted to do with him. I was extremely hurt and honestly I still haven’t let it go because it’s one of those traumatic events each time I tried to escape she would reel me back in. After she rejected me for the second time I started avoiding her and not talking to her and she goes I’m not gonna leave you alone until you talk to me. So I talked to her and she told all the managers I was harassing her then she proceeded to turn everyone at work against me.
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Could this girl be offended I liked her being that she was hot and I’m just average?
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