Fell in shower and female cousin saw me naked?

I broke my leg and arm and have a cast that goes to mid-thigh. While taking a shower I fell hard and when my mom asked if I wanted her to come in I said “no, but I need help.” Next thing I know, my female cousin and step-sister were in the bathroom (my mom sent them) and could see “everything.” They are both freshman in college (5 years younger than me) and we’re giggling the whole time. Now I feel self-conscious in front of them.

What was my mom thinking sending them in? We’re they laughing at me cause they could see “it?” Were they even a little uncomfortable or are girls just totally different about nudity and they didn’t even notice/ look down there? My cousin told my step-sister to handle drying me off cause it would be too weird for her. Even though she had a towel in her hand, she didn’t hesitate when it came to touching things ‘down there’ ... I’m sure she could feel “it” through the towel, right? Should I feel as super embarrassed as I do?
I would have helped too, it’s not awkward
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I would help but it would be SUPER awkward
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I would feel uncomfortable helping if I had to touch “it”
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I would feel uncomfortable even just seeing “it”
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Fell in shower and female cousin saw me naked?
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