What is your idea about the life of Arab girls?

As an Arab girl I'll talk about some facts about us:
• Arab girls seem like they're cold/asexuals and avoid talking about sex but they're not asexuals they just didn't use to such stuff because no one talks about it here, so if someone did that they get freaked out and regret talking to that person.
• Their parents control their life, their choices and even their thoughts.
• They don't lose virginity before marriage (I know it seems stupid but losing virginity before marriage is a horrible thing and their family would kill them if that happened so they avoid that.)
• They like to tell their future husband that he's the only man that she talked with during her life I mean yeah here it's not allowed to talk to guys so they always say that shit.
• Most of them having abusive parents (physically) and manipulative ones.
• They feel comfortable with girls more than guys because their parents forbid them from talking to guys they find it hard to trust a guy so they feel comfortable with girls.
• They prefer relationships which leads to marriage (like if you're not serious they won't waste time with you)
• They pretend to be religious sometimes but mostly they wish to have freedom like westerners.
• They hate talking about sex because they feel that it's not normal thing to talk about and they would stop talking to you if you talked about it because they don't like it when someone tries to take advantage of them.
• They are into white guys, most of them see white guys as attractive but they see them as a hard thing to reach.
• Their parents check their phones to know if they talk to a guy or not.
• They believe that curvy girls are better than being slim so they do their best to be curvy and to gain some weight.
• Their parents don't tell them about sex except before marriage.
• They are mostly innocent or nice in a stupid way.
• They wish to leave their parents and living by themselves.
• They can't leave their parents without getting married.
• They regret things quickly.
What is your idea about the life of Arab girls?
What is your idea about the life of Arab girls?
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