Confused. Please help me with Timid, shy, indecisive new girlfriend.

Ive been seeing this girl who I really like. I'm pretty certain that she really likes me too. Anyway, She refuses to take the lead on anything. Like when we last went out I know she is a really picky eater so I asked her what she wanted to eat it went something like this

"i don't know, it doesn't matter" ok so do you like this this this?

"umm it doesn't matter" ok, do you like pizza?


So she barely eats anything (I don't have a problem with that I just feel bad that she didn't like it)

After that I asked her what she wanted to do and eventually ended up at the mall (I wanted to get to know what kind of stuff she likes, colors, patterns, things like that)

So we walk around for awhile and go to a few stores I pick out, nothing exciting. I ask her if there's any stores she likes here and after some persuading she tells me that she likes a lot of them but doesn't like dragging people around nor does she like to window shop at places she can't afford. After more persuading I got her to look at the map and she said she knew where she wanted to go, but wouldn't tell me where, just that it was a couple stores on the second floor. So we walk to the end of the mall and I said "so where did you want to go" oh, I don't remember is her response. At that point I was just like fine, if she wants to be that way ill let her. The rest of the date was a disaster and ended up with me taking the longest way possible back to her house.

I probably took it the wrong way but I felt like she didn't want me to get to know her, which hurt a little. I think the reason why she didn't want to show me the stores she liked was because she didn't want me to buy her something (she thinks I have more money that I do). I also think she's afraid to show who she really is because she thinks I won't like her.

I think I might be her first boyfriend, she doesn't have many friends (self confessed lack of social life), works at the library, and is really timid and awkward sometimes. Acts somewhat flirty sometimes. Anyway I really like her and am just looking for some insight as to why she's acting like this.
Confused. Please help me with Timid, shy, indecisive new girlfriend.
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