Why do girls make up excuses not to take guys?

"I'm not ready for dating right now."
"My mom needs me for a second."
"I need to go pick up my friend."
"I'm not feeling good right now."
"I've got plans scheduled for tomorrow."
"I'm stressed out right now."
"I'm trying to focus on myself."
"I don't have any time."
"I just broke up with my ex."
"I don't want any boys right now."
"I'm lesbian."
"You're too nice."
"I'm about to get engaged with someone else."
"My parents don't want me dating yet."
"I have a funeral I need to attend to."
"I already have a boyfriend."

Sometimes you can already tell when that last one is a lie. This is based on younger girls but you get the idea.
I don't understand why girls/wemen need to come up with these excuses to not hang out with a guy. You could just be straight forward with us and have us learn from our mistakes. We can take a rejection and get over it. I understand you don't wanna hurt our emotions but some dudes don't see it like that. Not every man could remain your friend after getting excused. Men don't see friendship the same way you do.
Imagine asking out a guy and all of a sudden he's gay.
My point is that men can take a rejection.
I think wemen should be straight forward when answering to a guy's request for a date. If you make too good of an excuse then it's just gonna keep dudes stepping up their game. If you make too poor of an excuse then men are gonna catch onto it and know you're lying to them.

Why can't girls be more straight forward when answering to us?
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Jesus Christ I meant DATE guys not take guys.
Why do girls make up excuses not to take guys?
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