Is this girl a horrible person?

Zaya is 19 years old. She lives with her mother, Rosa and Rosa's boyfriend, Alex. Alex has been unemployed for two years and has a felony for selling and dealing drugs. Rosa is a college graduate with a masters degree who's also overweight. Rosa works overtime at her job to pay rent and gives Alex ( her boyfriend) an allowance.

Zaya does most of the cooking, cleaning, she goes to college. Rosa always encouges Zaya to be strong, independent, and giving, but she just ignores her.

One day Zaya found out that Alex was giving money to/ having sex with another women who is much skinner than her mother. Zaya didn't say anything and allowed Alex to cheat on her mother daily as well as using his allowonce money on other women. When Alex's side chick asked Zaya to have a threesome with them, Zaya moved in with her friend from school.
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Is this girl a horrible person?
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