An Honest Question for the white women on GAG ;) ?

I'm a 6"3, muscular as hell (gym pretty much every day), Cute faced BLACK MALE (My non-black female friends tell me i'm sexy and that i must get a lot of girls). I also think that I am extremely attractive, like honestly a 9/10. Women of all races stare at me while I walk on the street, a lot of girls of all races get nervous when I talk to them. I go to an extremely predominantly white college (97% white and 3% black). White girls, Asian girls, Hispanic girls are all excessively nice to me, almost to the point of blatant flirtation but I've noticed a trend that they never want to date me or do anything with me romantically. BLACK WOMEN, however, are always completely in love with me, I have never met a BLACK WOMEN so far that didn't want to date or have sex with me. I have an Hispanic female friend, She obviously prefers white guys cause thats all she dates from what I've seen. This Hispanic girl said this "I think you're attractive but I just don't know". so, she finds me attractive, but she also won't date me? Its not a personality issue cause we are VERY good friends, so if she likes my personality and also thinks I'm attractive, why won't she date me? I basically have noticed a trend that even though I am very attractive for my race, there is some underlying reason why everyone who isn't a black girl won't go out with me even though they act extremely flirty around me and I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHY THAT IS.

*TLDR: I get approached by women a lot, black girls approach me.. heck even white and Hispanic approach me but only the black girls want to date me. It's like Hispanic/white women just see me as a friend and nothing else simply because I am BLACK.*

Also:The only non-black girls I have had success with, only date or are attracted to black men... and DO NOT date any other race. So basically girls either like one race or another (never both) and it doesn't matter how attractive someone is, it just won't work if they are not the race that you want?
An Honest Question for the white women on GAG ;) ?
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