Why she always want me to text her first?

I have this female friend who we been knowing each other for 5 years but gotten closer over the past 3 months when i started to flirt with her. I end up meeting this other girl through her who is attractive. We instantly hit it off. She has a boyfriend so me and her are really cool.

My close friend is jealous of this friendship between this other girl and myself. She even got mad when she thought i had her number and told me not to talk to her no more.

My close friend got mad at me because she says i'm always texting and talking to other people and women but i never text her. I text her first always. I told her the phone works both ways. She feels as if i text everyone first. I even told her if you don't text me then i won't text you.

Not only does she want me to always text her more. She also now wants to be more involved in my personal life and talk more than we normally do. I don't mind this at all. But she's starting to get jealous of any new women i meet/talk to. She has hawk eyes on me when she see i'm talking to an attractive woman. She trys to put herself in the converse with me and another woman or randomly come up and hug me/ or tell them that she love me and that i'm going to be in her life forever and vice versa.

She told me she gets insecure when she hears me laughing with other women and she doesn't know the reason why. She also told me she feels as if i'm trying to replace her in my life. She's more sensitive than i ever thought. As she starting to open up

If she feels this way and want us to communicate more why she doesn't text me first? When i don't text her in a few days and she see me in person she hugs me tight as if we haven't spoke in a year. She starting to hate not hearing from me daily. Only time she text first is when she feeling cute or sexy and she send me a random picture or her going out. Wanting to know what i think.

Why is it so hard for her to text me first?
Why she always want me to text her first?
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