Girls, Her boyfriend made her delete me?

Long story short So me and a girl met 3 years ago at college, it was clear we was both attracted to each other (always looking and other signs etc) . We never spoke, i could see it annoyed her if she saw me with other girls which made me feel bad. I was nervous to talk to her. But then I used to force my self to speak with her even though I was shy. One time when I introduced my self I lost my words and felt embarrassed and went red. So every week I would sit with her at lunch, and eat and talk. It was clear to me she was attracted, also she would speak about me to her friends a lot. But she was also shy. After weeks I found out she had a boyfriend but didn’t tell me. She started acting kinda hot and cold. So I stopped wanting to associate with her. One time I stopped eating lunch her which upset her. I disappeared for months. When I returned she seemed weird like constantly staring at the walls and looking upset but then staring if I’m joking with my friends.
I got told she was in a controlling relationship , and she couldn’t get out of it. The last day off college I sat with her and said I’d it didn’t work out with boyfriend I wanted to date her, but she wouldn’t add my social media. Because her boyfriend questions every guy and makes her delete them all. Months away we moved on to uni. I decided to try adding her anyway on Facebook and Instagram. She had me pending for a year. The once she accepted then blocked and unblocked me. I re followed her she left me pending for a while and then added me. But then months later I heard she was having a hard time splitting with him, he started stalking my Instagram, then a few days later she deleted me. Why did he make her delete me?
1 y
All I did was like one of her photos , and she started stalking my Instagram, then days later he had her delete me. Why did he stalk my Instagram and make her do that. Also she’s at university , so am I. But we don’t study together. I study different topics. I am in the boxing and weight training she is not in my gym or society’s
Girls, Her boyfriend made her delete me?
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