Do you find that women have a weaker sense of humor?

Even though I am a woman myself, I must admit that girls can be way more uptight and therefore unable to truly joke around in a healthy way. And I don't mean by taking shots at another person with snide remarks that you find funny, I am talking about just freely enjoying a light hearted moment and seeing the humorous side of life. I remember one day I read a female co-worker's status on BBM messenger when this was a thing, it read "This girl is on fire" the title of one of Alicia Keys' hit songs. I responded, stop drop and roll, this girl really posted something in her status shading me and calling me stupid.

I hate to be the girl that claims to be more hip to hanging with guys and how girls are too much drama, because I'd rather just be by myself anyway, but I find men to be wittier and more laid back. All my male friends on BBM got my humor and played along while responding with even wittier comebacks. The girls on my BBM list either stole my personality, statuses or just didn't get humor.

I had like two girls of all the girls who were exceptions, they responded to all my statutes and got the joke the first time, they would repost my jokes and share the humor. But most girls who added me, were just competitive and shady for no reason so I had to keep on deleting a lot of female friends who brought my mood down. Do you guys agree with me on the belief that girls are not that into humor? I don't think people should force a fake personality by the way, all I am saying is I think they block their own ability to enjoy humor by purposely being stuck up for no reason.
Do you find that women have a weaker sense of humor?
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