Do pretty people know they're pretty?

assuming you don't have a lot of close friends who might compliment you, or never had a boyfriend or any male friend,

how would you know if you're pretty, or is there just a sixth sense feeling that you get that you are in fact considered pretty.

get differing opinions from my sister calls me ugly (she's in high school, and I'm 6 years older than her), which hurts my feelings a bit (Which I'm scared to admit) because she is just a little kid in high school...

How do you know if you're pretty or not? I heard that guys will bombard pretty girls with their attention, but I don't think that's necessarily true since there are many attractive girls without many guy friends or a boyfriend...they seem to have a lot of girl friends, though... this thought has been going through my mind lately, I've never had a boyfriend and I'm 22 y.o... and maybe if I were pretty (and I don't know if I am or not), I would have had at least some male friends by my side...
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Or maybe the fact that male hiring managers don't tend to hire me tells me I'm unattractive in one form or another...although, I have no trouble finding entry level jobs (it only takes me at max 2 days of hard searching to find a restaurant that will hire me)
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Okay most of you guys are giving me the wrong type of answers...i didn't say that I was def horrendous looking.. I just asked how you know if you're attractive or not based on signals people give you...its just that not many guys approah me in school, and just wanted to knkw whether it was related to me not looking attractive enough or if they were intimidated...

Do pretty people know they're pretty?
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